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Housing the Last Billion

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By 2044 we will hit peak population of 8.7B before decreasing to 8B by 2100. This decade we have seen the emergence of three distinct cities - the mega city, the shrinking city and the nomadic city.

At The Next Billion conference in NYC I will present the concept of transient design and how to create nomadic cities.

Housing the Last Billion

  1. Where is everyone? the rise of the nomadic city
  2. 2044 In 2044 our population will peak at 8.7B
  3. How do we house the last billion?
  4. Where are the last billion?
  5. mega cities
  6. shrinking cities
  7. nomadic cities
  8. This is not a camp
  9. This is a city
  10. 52m population displaced by level 3 emergencies in 2014
  11. 171m people affected by civil conflict in 2014
  12. sinking islands Tuvulu has an ad hoc agreement to move to New Zealand
  13. 50% by 2015 global poor in conflict-affected and fragile states
  14. 80% in 2025 global poor in conflict-affected and fragile states
  15. 325m displacement by man-made & natural disasters by 2044 (est.)
  16. resilience is futile
  17. transient design
  18. Special Events
  19. re:build Pilosio re-deployable building system for refugees
  20. System designed with basics assembly to allow for unskilled labor re:employ
  21. re:grow locally sourced materials and edible garden roofing system
  22. R E : E D U C AT E
  23. a crowd-funded petri dish in a $16B bureaucratic lab of mediocracy
  24. 1/3b
  25. 1/3b Valle de Guadalupe, México photo by Luis García
  26. 1. plan for nomadic communities 2. design for impermanence 3. build for adaptation 4. scale for a sharing economy
  27. end poptart philanthropy
  28. (c) The Department of Small Works // casinclair@me.com