Images to enhance communication

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Images to enhance communication.

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  • Vienna international School French department- 3 sessions of 42 minutes per week- share my experience about works in grade 8 ( phase 2 of MYP), Grade 10 (phases 3-4 and Grade 11- use of visuals as such started last year in our programme in the middle school.
  • Enables students to show what they can do rather than what they can not do. Positive approach to learning- creative writing has the advantage to give evidence on how students process their learning- Worked with Grade 8 last year on holidays and “on an exchange in France”, “leisure”Did not really work this year with Grade 8 and unit on leisure and their favorite shows/game/book etc
  • Can be used for oral and written tasks as long as there are clear parameters on what students are meant to do with the visuals
  • Used Harry Potter in French lateron in the class. Questionable by some colleagues but had the merit to have been seen by all the students in my class, regardless of their nationality and their background.
  • Sample for the formative task- using Austria as a context to scaffold learning and make connection with host country
  • As long as visuals are linked to the current topic- big advantage is that visuals will spare some students from being off topics. Students are in most cases, producing more than expected, visuals give options to students, visuals help students process what they have learnt in a way that they choose.
  • Ensure differentiation
  • Baumgartner- Austrian and world wide known- Capitalized on students interests on extreme sports- authentic topic, relevant and topic of the day….. Gave us the opportunity to view part of “the Grand Bleu”
  • Fomative task-
  • We asked students to create their own questions- started with the picture itself and then with the text- brainstorming activity- then we compared with teachers’ questions- saw commonalities
  • We are not evaluating knowledge in itself but rather the way it is used by students- the visuals is used in concomitance with the text to help students go further with their acquired knowledge on the topic. This activity gives another dimension of application to the knowledge learnt by students- They actually work deeper without realizing it and it is a much more engaging learning tool for them.
  • Requires teaching the vocabulary of interpretation- Not too many- teaching staff has to agree on what is expected of students in terms of quantity- questions should not require a lengthy response
  • 3 viewings- second viewing is a silent viewing to focus on body language and cultural context of the spoken text- another level to the language will be expressed through visuals and is better understood and processed by students- Leads to many different activities that can be completed by students from different nationalities and backgrounds- fits global topics of the language B program. Videos, due to their lengths seem to be more appropriate to senior students in our context and experience.
  • Themes of the songs apply to students from all nationalities as they express universal situations. Works very well within the IB language B programme.
  • Requires more time to let students present their works ( presentations)
  • Images to enhance communication

    1. 1. Used at VIS French departmentMYP and DP Language B standard and high levels
    2. 2. Images to enhance creative writing  Grade 8 Unit on holidays MYP friendly task Can address several scenario and grammatical points
    3. 3. Assessment tasks Formative tasksSummative tasks
    4. 4. My week-end  Mon week -end.
    5. 5. My holidays 
    6. 6. Endless possibilities  Sports, transports Outings, leisure, cultural exchange…. All levels Free interpretation and students have to be involved in the task
    7. 7. Text and visual Not to interpretTo enhance communicationStudents engage to choose effective lines
    8. 8. Favorite TV shows  « Dans le système de justice pénal le peuple est représenté par deux groupes distincts, mais tout aussi importants. Les policiers qui enquêtent sur le crime et les procureurs de district qui poursuivent les contrevenants. Voici leurs histoires
    9. 9. Visual interpretation  New in the MYP Alignment with the DP program Cater for cultural diversity in classrooms
    10. 10. Context of the task  In the middle of a unit of work on Sports Capitalized on students interest on extreme sports Visual found in a teachers magazine Studied further written texts in class and as resources
    11. 11. Extreme sports 
    12. 12. Visual and Text  Le président Jacques Chirac a rendu hommage dimanche soir au plongeur Jacques Mayol, ce "visionnaire" qui restera "comme le symbole dune quête dabsolu, déquilibre, déternité". "Par son talent exceptionnel, Jacques Mayol avait su exprimer avec justesse laspiration de toute une génération pour un monde qui donne toute sa place à la nature, à la beauté, à lharmonie", a déclaré le chef de lEtat dans un communiqué. "Repoussant toujours plus loin les limites, puisant au plus profond de lui la force de lexploit, il témoignait, à travers les océans, de la rigueur, de lexigence, du dépassement de soi des très grands sportifs", a-t-il ajouté. "Visionnaire, Jacques Mayol restera pour "la génération Grand Bleu" comme le symbole dune quête dabsolu, déquilibre, déternité", a-t-il conclu.
    13. 13. Assessment material 
    14. 14. analysis & interpretation  Grade 10 summative task- Visual interpretation 1/Quel est le nom de la personne photographiée? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/ Si on se base sur les informations données par le texte, à quelle profondeur veut-il aller? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3/Utilise t’ il d’un équipement particulier pour ce sport? Pourquoi? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 4/ En vous basant sur les informations de ce texte, est –ce- que la France a du succès dans ce sport? _____________________________________________________________________________________________
    15. 15. Questions  Visual Interpretation 5/ Dans quelle competition cette photo a-t’elle ete prise? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 6/ Quel genre d’informations sont- elles données dans ce texte? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 7/ Pourquoi fait-on référence à une tour de 38 étages dans le texte? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 8/ A quel autre sportif célèbre pouvez- vous comparer cet homme et pourquoi? Justifiez votre réponse. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 9/ Pourquoi est-il photographié à l’envers? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
    16. 16. Visuals & Spoken text  Diploma Program- Grade 11 Videos Intercultural awareness Examples for French “Toi plus Moi” Gregoire “Lettre a France” Michel Polnareff
    17. 17. Universal themes 
    18. 18. Challenges  Lack of time Requires a minimum level in the language Does not work with all learners Is one teaching tool among many