Showrooming:     Empowering Consumer Electronics      Shoppers      February 20, 2012                          1
ContentsIntroduction and Topline Summary    3Research Results                    6Appendix                           21   ...
Introduction and Topline Summary                    3
Introduction•   This  Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers     Study focuses on consumer electronics and ...
Topline Summary                                          Key Insights•   86% of consumer electronics shoppers surveyed did...
Research Results                   6
Where Did You Shop for Consumer Electronics?• 86% of Consumers Shopped Online • 3 Out of 4 Shopped in a Physical Store    ...
More Than Half of In‐store Consumer Electronics Shoppers Intended to Buy the Product in the Store• Over a Quarter Intended...
Three‐Quarters of In‐Store Shoppers Went There to Try Out the Product • Nearly Half Visited the Store for Convenience or P...
Over 3 In 4 Consumers Did Some Form Of Online Research Prior To Going To A Store•   Top Research is Checking Prices, Readi...
Nearly One Third Of Consumers Used Their Mobile Device For Shopping Related Activities While In A Store•    Smartphones We...
In‐Store Mobile Usage:• Most Checked Prices While in the Store • About Half Read Reviews• About One Third Scanned Bar Code...
Two‐Thirds of Shoppers Who Use Their Mobile Device in the Store Say it Makes Them More Likely to Buy the Product        Q6...
In‐Store Mobile Device Users Were More Likely to Do Online Research AFTER Their Store Visit           Q9. Did you do any o...
Nearly 6 In 10 Shoppers Did Online Research After Visiting a Store •   Checking Prices and Reading Reviews are the Most Co...
About 6 in 10 Consumer Electronics Shoppers Ultimately Made a Purchase • Shoppers Were Evenly Split Between Purchasing Onl...
Those Who Used Their Mobile Device in the Store Were More Likely to Make a Purchase •   In‐Store Mobile Users Were More Li...
Top Reasons for Shopping Online vs. In Store• Price Is the Top Driver of Online Purchases• Convenience and the Ability to ...
Top Reasons For Shoppers Not Making A Purchase:  Cost, Just Looking, Not Being Ready          Q12. Why didn’t you end up b...
Biggest Spenders Did In‐store Research on a Mobile Device
Over A Third Of Shoppers Recall Seeing Ads For Consumer Electronics They Were Shopping For  •   Among These Shoppers  Over...
In‐Store Mobile Users Were Much More Likely to Make Unplanned Purchases While Shopping• 1 in 3 Bought Something Spontaneou...
On Average, Mobile Device Owners And In‐Store Mobile           Device Users Spend More On Consumer Electronics MeanSpent =...
More Consumers Engage In Pre‐Shopping Research  • Most Lucrative Buyers Do In‐store Research • Most Mobile In‐store Shoppe...
Appendix           25
Top Comments                                                         Key Verbatims•   “I showroom every single electronic ...
Smartphones, flat screen TVs, tablets and laptops are the most popular consumer electronics shopped for in the last 6 mont...
Q0. Which of the following do you own? .
Showrooming: Empowering  Consumer Electronics       Shoppers                         Questions?Kristina SruoginisResearch ...
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Le vrai impact du showrooming sur les ventes en magasin selon Ipsos

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L’IAB, en partenariat avec Ipsos Media CT, s’intéresse dans une récente étude “Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers”, aux consommateurs d’électronique grand public et décrypte l’influence du mobile sur les achats « in stores » et online, les évolutions des comportements d’achats et explore ainsi plus largement le phénomène du « Showrooming ».

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Le vrai impact du showrooming sur les ventes en magasin selon Ipsos

  1. 1. Showrooming:  Empowering Consumer Electronics  Shoppers February 20, 2012 1
  2. 2. ContentsIntroduction and Topline Summary 3Research Results 6Appendix 21 2
  3. 3. Introduction and Topline Summary 3
  4. 4. Introduction• This  Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers  Study focuses on consumer electronics and explores the influence of  mobile devices on the shopping process, general shopping behaviors  in physical stores/online and “showrooming”. • Ipsos fielded the online survey with 482 consumer electronics  shoppers  (past 6 months) in February with its HearWatchSay (HWS)  community. Quantitative results were supplemented with qualitative  input about shopping and showrooming behaviors.  • HWS is an online community whose members are media forward  enthusiasts of movies, TV, technology, gaming.   4
  5. 5. Topline Summary Key Insights• 86% of consumer electronics shoppers surveyed did their shopping online, while 74% shopped in a physical store.• Nearly one third (31%) of consumers used their mobile device for shopping related activities while in a store.• Among in-store shoppers, over a quarter of consumers intended to showroom by trying out the products in the store and then buying online. However, more than half of in-store consumer electronics shoppers intended to buy the product in the store.• In line with showrooming expected behaviors, close to three-quarters of consumers who went to a store went there to try out a product..• Over 3 in 4 consumers did some form of online research prior to going to a store, while 6 in 10 did so after visiting a store.• Shoppers who used their mobile device while in the store were more likely to do online research after their store visit.• Whether doing research before, during or after going to the store, the most popular research types done were: checking prices, reading reviews and looking up product features.• Over 4 in 10 consumers who ultimately made an online purchase used their mobile device in store for showrooming/shopping related activities.• Price is the top driver of consumer electronics purchases online. Convenience and the ability to try/see the products are the top reasons for purchases in the store.• Biggest spenders did in-store research on a mobile device.• In-store mobile users were much more likely to make unplanned purchases while shopping: 1 in 3 bought something spontaneously in the store, 1 in 4 bought something spontaneously online.• On average, mobile device owners and those that use their mobile device while shopping spend more on consumer electronics. (However, this could be due to increased frequency of purchases and not increased spending per occasion).• Over a third of shoppers recall seeing ads for consumer electronics they were shopping for. Among these shoppers over 7 in 10 report seeing digital ads. 5
  6. 6. Research Results 6
  7. 7. Where Did You Shop for Consumer Electronics?• 86% of Consumers Shopped Online • 3 Out of 4 Shopped in a Physical Store Q1a. Did you shop ONLINE for the following products? Q1b. Did you go to a physical STORE to shop for any of these products?
  8. 8. More Than Half of In‐store Consumer Electronics Shoppers Intended to Buy the Product in the Store• Over a Quarter Intended to Showroom, by Trying Out  the Product in the Store and then Buying Online “I always first go to the store  to look at a product and  then buy it online (especially  off of  Amazon).” Q1c. Did you intend to buy the product when you went into the store?
  9. 9. Three‐Quarters of In‐Store Shoppers Went There to Try Out the Product • Nearly Half Visited the Store for Convenience or Price • Service Was Not a Key Driver of In‐Store Shopping “Even though I may buy  the product online I do  like to go to the physical  store so I can actually see  it and perhaps try it” “Its great to check out phones  (new iPhones, iPads and other  tablets, TVs) and really get to feel  and touch and try them in a store” “I go to the store for service. If  the employees are friendly and  knowledgeable and try to help  me find the perfect item for me  Ill most likely buy it from them.” “If I have a coupon that I can  only use in store and it beats an  online price then I will go there  for sure to do that.” Q2. Thinking about the products you recently shopped for, please tell us why you went to a physical store. Please select all that apply.
  10. 10. Over 3 In 4 Consumers Did Some Form Of Online Research Prior To Going To A Store• Top Research is Checking Prices, Reading Reviews And Looking  Up Product Features “Any and all price/product  research is done on my  computer before I even set  foot outside the door!” Yes (Net) 78% “I am a big comparison  shopper and will  always check prices  and reviews on higher  ticket items before  going to a store.” Q3. Still thinking about the products you shopped for in a store, did you do online research BEFORE you entered the store? Q4. What type of online research did you do BEFORE visiting the store(s)? Please select all that apply.
  11. 11. Nearly One Third Of Consumers Used Their Mobile Device For Shopping Related Activities While In A Store• Smartphones Were The Most Common Device Used “When shopping,  Ill use my phone  to compare prices  at stores.” “Using a smartphone  has made it much  easier to check out  deals online while Im  shopping in a store.” “I have not used my  smartphone as yet in  the shopping process but do intend to in the  future.” Q5. Did you use your mobile device for any shopping-related activities WHILE IN THE STORE(s)?
  12. 12. In‐Store Mobile Usage:• Most Checked Prices While in the Store • About Half Read Reviews• About One Third Scanned Bar Codes and Sought More Info “I mainly use my phone  to look up prices and  reviews while Im  shopping.  Ive found the  Amazon PriceCheck app  to be particularly helpful,  because you can just scan  the barcode and it finds  the product (and other  comparable products) for  you.” Q6. How did you use your mobile device WHILE SHOPPING IN THE STORE(S) for consumer electronics? Please select all that apply. Q7. How does using your mobile device while at a store impact your shopping experience? Q8. Did you plan to use your mobile device as part of your shopping process?
  13. 13. Two‐Thirds of Shoppers Who Use Their Mobile Device in the Store Say it Makes Them More Likely to Buy the Product Q6. How did you use your mobile device WHILE SHOPPING IN THE STORE(S) for consumer electronics? Please select all that apply. Q7. How does using your mobile device while at a store impact your shopping experience? Q8. Did you plan to use your mobile device as part of your shopping process?
  14. 14. In‐Store Mobile Device Users Were More Likely to Do Online Research AFTER Their Store Visit Q9. Did you do any online research AFTER visiting the store(s)?
  15. 15. Nearly 6 In 10 Shoppers Did Online Research After Visiting a Store • Checking Prices and Reading Reviews are the Most Common  Post‐Store Visit Activities • Research Activities are Similar Whether Before, During or After  Shopping Yes (Net) “My husband will go  look at products at a  58% store and then shop  on line to compare  prices and look for a  better deal.” Q9. Did you do any online research AFTER visiting the store(s)? Q10. What type of online research did you do AFTER visiting the store(s)? Please select all that apply.
  16. 16. About 6 in 10 Consumer Electronics Shoppers Ultimately Made a Purchase • Shoppers Were Evenly Split Between Purchasing Online  or In‐Store Purchased (Net) 59% Q11. Where did you end up purchasing your consumer electronics product(s)?
  17. 17. Those Who Used Their Mobile Device in the Store Were More Likely to Make a Purchase • In‐Store Mobile Users Were More Likely to Buy Online • However, Nearly One‐Third Did Make a Purchase In‐Store Used Mobile Device IN STORE for Shopping Related Activities 4 in 10  Showroomed ““While I was shopping in Walmart … I saw a better prices for it online. I  went home  and brought it for a  cheaper price online and had it  shipped free to Walmart!” Q11. Where did you end up purchasing your consumer electronics product(s)?
  18. 18. Top Reasons for Shopping Online vs. In Store• Price Is the Top Driver of Online Purchases• Convenience and the Ability to Try/See the Products are the  Top Reasons for In Store Purchases Q11. Where did you end up purchasing your consumer electronics product(s)? Q14. Why did you purchase the following Consumer Electronics ONLINE vs. in a STORE? Q15. Why did you purchase the following Consumer Electronics in a STORE vs. ONLINE
  19. 19. Top Reasons For Shoppers Not Making A Purchase:  Cost, Just Looking, Not Being Ready Q12. Why didn’t you end up buying the product(s)?
  20. 20. Biggest Spenders Did In‐store Research on a Mobile Device
  21. 21. Over A Third Of Shoppers Recall Seeing Ads For Consumer Electronics They Were Shopping For • Among These Shoppers  Over 7 In 10 Report Seeing Digital Ads 35% of people recalled seeing ads Digital (Net) 71% Q17. Do you recall seeing any ads for Consumer Electronics around the time that you were shopping for the product(s)? Q18. Where did you see these advertisements for Consumer Electronics? Q19. Did seeing the following digital ad(s) influence your decision to visit a store or online retailer?
  22. 22. In‐Store Mobile Users Were Much More Likely to Make Unplanned Purchases While Shopping• 1 in 3 Bought Something Spontaneously in the Store• 1 in 4 Bought Something Spontaneously Online Q13. While you were shopping for your product, did you end up buying any other Consumer Electronics products
  23. 23. On Average, Mobile Device Owners And In‐Store Mobile  Device Users Spend More On Consumer Electronics MeanSpent = $891 $1,010 $533 $1,539 $929 Q16. How much have you spent on Consumer Electronics over the past 6 months?
  24. 24. More Consumers Engage In Pre‐Shopping Research  • Most Lucrative Buyers Do In‐store Research • Most Mobile In‐store Shoppers Do Post‐Store Research 
  25. 25. Appendix 25
  26. 26. Top Comments Key Verbatims• “I showroom every single electronic item that I buy. I want to be able to try it out before buying but I also want the lowest price when purchasing so I end up finding a lower price online every time. I have never found a price at a store that I couldnt beat online. Why would anyone pay a higher price to buy an item in a store?”• “I think the bar for "showrooming" has really been set by Apple. Of course you can actually buy Apple products in the store but the prices are crazy and for lots of other reasons it is less about taking the sale on the spot and more about planting the seed (and offering amazing after sales support). The experience of playing around with a product, uninhibited with the fun atmosphere and friendly help of the Apple store is what sold me on the actual product. Showrooming is especially important for mobile devices, if something is going to be attached to my hip and used every day of my life I have to know how it looks, feels, carries (will it fit in my pocket?) and the user interface.”• “Im definitely a window shopper and technology has only increased this tendency. I enjoy just going and walking around stores on my lunch break or even some evenings or weekends because its relaxing, but Im never one to take a deal at face value - and using a smartphone has made it much easier to check out deals online while Im shopping in store. It doesnt really matter what type of product it is - I do this for everything from toilet paper to electronics, although Im much more likely to spend more time researching bigger ticket items. I mainly look up prices, but I also look at reviews while Im shopping too. Ive found the Amazon PriceCheck app to be particularly helpful, because you can just scan the barcode and it finds the product (and other comparable products) for you. I think Im about 50-50 on whether it makes me more likely to buy items in store or not - there have been times in the past before my smartphone days that Ive walked away from deals to research them later and regretted not getting them when I discovered it really was a good deal. Now, having the technology at my fingertips, if I find out its a great deal on the spot, Im more likely to buy it then. However, there are also many times when I look it up online while Im shopping, find out I can get it cheaper elsewhere, and walk away - unless the convenience of having it immediately outweighs the better deal. All that being said, if Im pressed for time, Im much less likely to showroom and more likely just to trust my instincts on whether its a good deal or not (and take the chance of having to possibly return it later). One thing about the in-store experience that would make me wait to buy a product online is the length of the checkout line. If I can get as good a deal or better online (or maybe even a little more) and dont need the product right away, and its the only thing Im buying in the store that day, I might avoid the long line and opt for the ease of having it delivered in a couple days. Plus, theres always the possibility of finding a coupon code online or getting points through a rewards site to get an even better deal”• “I do my research online before making any major purchases. It narrows my list to just a few makes and models. I will then go to see these at a local store to make my final evaluation. Where I make the purchase depends on where I find the best balance of value and service. While I carry my smartphone with me, I rarely use it in a store. I did my research already and I know what the going prices are before I leave home. In a great many instances, these stores wind up being nothing more than an Amazon showroom. The stores are rarely price competitive and almost none of them service anything they sell on site. In-store service was the last unique feature stores had, but now even they mostly ship any items needing repair to some distant place. Customer service has gone, too. Often the in-store staff know less about the products than I do. Cornering an employee is often impossible ( there are too few of them) and the result unsatisfying anyway.” 26
  27. 27. Smartphones, flat screen TVs, tablets and laptops are the most popular consumer electronics shopped for in the last 6 months  Q1. Have you shopped for any of the following products in the last 6 months? You do not need to have purchased these products but simply have shopped for them. Please select up to 3 products that you most recently shopped for.
  28. 28. Q0. Which of the following do you own? .
  29. 29. Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers Questions?Kristina SruoginisResearch Director, IABkristina@iab.netSherrill ManeSVP Research, Analytics and Measurement, 29