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Mobile App Design Proposal



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Mobile App Design Proposal

  1. 1. Mobile app design proposal for Our Daily Manna
  2. 2. If you think the internet is big, mobile is 10x bigger fact!
  3. 3. Everything is going mobile Your members are a part of a world that does everything mobile. While there is much to be cautious of in technology today, there is also much to grasp and take advantage of for eternal purposes. Creating an app for your ministry can help equip this generation with the tools they need to stay grounded in a quickly changing world. Let's look at the a number of reasons Stay Involved and connected Not only will an app allow you to stay involved day to day with your members, it lets your members take ODM everywhere they go, they can stay connected in there homes, offices, and on the go! allowing them to be instantaneously in touch with the ministry Activities, Mission Trips, Group Activities, Prayer Lists , Events Calendars, just to name a few. Save time and confusion An app can help you be organized , getting everyone on the same page. With this kind of useful information made readily available, your members can feel confident in clearly understanding church happenings.
  4. 4. Attract new members Not only will having an app help establish who you are and create member loyalty and involvement, but new members will be attracted because you are reliable. Your ministry information will be available anytime, showing yourself to be transparent and organized. Your members will know they are a priority through keeping them well informed, and keeping them updated on what is going on in the ministry. Further, you will stand out with an app through connecting and positively influencing the next generation by using technology for good. Make giving easier Having an app will make giving more convenient. Most individuals do online- banking, and it isn't just the young people. Giving your members a place to give on your app does not mean you are working an angle to get more money; it simply means you understand other ways they do their finances.
  5. 5. Features
  6. 6. Your videos, on demand The application gives you the best presentation of videos on a mobile app. Play full length video optimized for Apple, Android, blackberry and Windows Phone, connect to YouTube, and utilize Airplay. Listening Made Easy With an amazing audio listening experience, users of ODM Mobile can listen to full-length messages and sermons which can also be downloaded for offline listening.
  7. 7. ODM Store This feature would enable users purchase digital copies of ODM Publications, namely; Our daily manna devotional, War against Haman, etc. as well as other resources the ministry would want to commercializes. Daily Devotional Reader ODM Users can read the ODM devotional and study the word of God each day on the go! this should provide an easy to navigate interface where users can select and read the word for the day.
  8. 8. Tell A Friend Share with friends! Users can share your Mobile app, events, excerpts from ODM, etc. amongst their friends, family or business, contacts on social networks, text and by email. This in turn would greatly help increase the ODM fellowership all around the world. Users can contact your ministry in multiple ways A contact tab displays general information such as the ministry locations, a link to your website, phone numbers, a contact email address and operating hours.
  9. 9. Show Maps & Locations Share locations with your community. This is perfect for event locations, small groups, and more. Each location can provide a full address, contact info, service times, GPS, and more. Upcoming Event Listing To make sure the ODM community never misses a beat by keeping everyone up-to-date with all of your events. This feature list all your current and upcoming events with a detailed description, map, ability to share events, embed contact information/ sign ups, and more. Users can also share an event with there friends on twitter , facebook , and via Email .
  10. 10. Users can contact your ministry in multiple ways A contact tab displays general information such as the ministry locations, a link to your website, phone numbers, a contact email address and operating hours. Engage your congregation Give your followers live updated media while they are on the go! The blog reader makes it easy to keep your community connected by integrating with your blog and news feeds from your website. New posts will be labeled with an unread icon to keep you up to date. It's easy to connect your ministries twitter, facebook account to ODM Mobile and have it go live the moment you click submit.
  11. 11. Giving The app should be able to connect with your online giving service which enables users donate to the ministry through an online payment gateway. One-click publishing to all platforms The ODM app, will be designed based on a content manage system which can be easily managed. Changes made by the administrator will be instantly published to all mobile platforms housing the app, namely: iPhone, iPod touch, Android phones, iPad, iPad mini, Blackberry phones, Windows Phone.
  12. 12. Social The app would integrate seamlessly with ODM's existing social media accounts, namely; Twitter, Facebook, as well its Email accounts. Push Message Feature The push notification feature provides a way for you to send direct instant messages to your users! This provides an easy way to relay announcements, reminders, and text messages to the ODM community. This stores all of your previously send messages to allow users to view messages later in case they had missed them initially.
  13. 13. [ UI/UX Design Professional ] email : ikedinekpere.eze@gmail.com Portfolio : http://www.behance.net/kasidyray Phone : 08065835943 Ikedi Eze