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Supporting staff development in Digital Literacy: the DigiLit Leicester Project

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This presentation was delivered as part of ALT-C 2014: Riding Giants, in the Learning to Ride track. The presentation was given on Tuesday 2 September at The University of Warwick.

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Supporting staff development in Digital Literacy: the DigiLit Leicester Project

  1. 1. The DigiLit Leicester Project Lucy Atkins Josie Fraser Richard Hall
  2. 2. Project Context • 2 year Knowledge Exchange Project • Leicester City Council, De Montfort University and 23 Leicester BSF schools • Lucy Atkins – Research Associate • Josie Fraser – Leicester City Council • Richard Hall – De Montfort University Developing secondary school staff digital literacy, through the implementation of a self-evaluation framework.
  3. 3. Project Approach • Literature Review and Consultations • Framework and Survey Development • 2013 Survey • Recommendations and School Activities • 2014 Survey
  4. 4. Project Impact • Significant cultural change • Engagement with all schools • Digital literacy strategy and implementation plan within the University • Shared understanding of digital literacy situated in practice • Comparative analysis shows that a statistically significant change in staff confidence has occurred • Openness
  5. 5. DigiLit Leicester Framework • Finding, Evaluating and Organising • Creating and Sharing • Assessment and Feedback • Communication, Collaboration and Participation • E-Safety and Online Identity • Technology supported Professional Development Entry Core Developer Pioneer
  6. 6. Activity 1. In groups, select a strand or create a new strand 2. Populate strand with statements/practices relevant to each level 3. Group presentations – feeding back to the group Feeding back at 9:40am
  7. 7. Group Presentations
  8. 8. Project Reports and Links Initial Project Report (outlining the secondary school digital literacy framework and including all of the survey content), June 2013 2013 Survey Results , October 2013 Defining a self-evaluation digital literacy framework for secondary educators: the DigiLit Leicester Project – Research in Learning Technology, April 2014 Project Activities Report, May 2014 2014 Survey Results, September 2014 www.digilitleic.com