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Event Marketing : Best practices for Digital

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This is one of my secret presentation during the Social Media Camp Algeria 2018, about how to promote your event with low resources, especially on Digital, by creating a digital strategy for your event, the talk divided into 3 sides, for full strategy before the event, during the event, and also after the event.

This slide, created by Waleed SERIR, all right reserved. you are not allowed to use or share this slide without permission from the creator.

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Event Marketing : Best practices for Digital

  1. 1. Go Viral? Or StayEvent Marketing: go Viral! Best practices and examples
  2. 2. Walid SERIR #Marketing Nerd! #Blogger #Adwords_Certified #GES16Delegate www.serirwalid.me
  3. 3. Over 30 events organized in last 2 years.
  4. 4. Event = Product
  6. 6. Product What is your Product? Event! What kind of events? Meetup, Conference, Codelab...etc? Product Elements: Topics, Speakers Targeting: Profile, Interests, Gender, Age, education, goals... Product#
  7. 7. Place Where? Define the event Venue! Accessible and attractive ( Believe Me Hotel is the right place!) ProductPlace#
  8. 8. Price Free! Free! Free! Freemium ( Free access, but you can buy options) Paid! PlaceProductPrice#
  9. 9. Promotion Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing! PricePlaceProductPromotion#
  10. 10. 1.Traditional Marketing PlaceProductPartnership with local Organizations! (Clubs)1 PlaceProductPress Release!2 PlaceProductPre-Event3 PlaceProductdoing boring things.4
  11. 11. Let's Move to Digital #Before, #During, #After
  12. 12. Before, the event Best practices, before the event
  13. 13. Pick up the right platform, and create your online event. Facebook, Meetup, Splashthat,...
  14. 14. Choose event RSVP that fit. How can your audience register their interest or buy a ticket?
  15. 15. Pick a catchy #hashtag & Tell everyone what the hashtag is #YourEventNameYear or #YourEventNameCity
  16. 16. Create a simple schedule for contents sharing by sharing a variety of contents related to your event.
  17. 17. Speakers: 10 , Partners & Sponsors: 10 Timing Post Day 1 Speaker Announcement Day 2 Event Information Day 3 Partner or Sponsor Announcement Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Repeat ( this program for 30 days before the event) for Facebook, The best time to post is 7:30 PM , and 1:30 PM
  18. 18. ç DAY 01 DAY 02 DAY 03
  19. 19. It's time to go viral, let's do it. best practices for event marketing using Facebook.
  20. 20. Create your frame, using frame studio push your audience to use your frame
  21. 21. Create a GIVEAWAY for your audience it will cost few bucks, but it is effective.
  22. 22. Push your Speakers to talk about your event it's free, it deserves a try.
  23. 23. Create a Facebook Messenger bot for your page you are human! let's use some robots.
  24. 24. During the event Provide real-time updates… is the key!
  25. 25. Create a live update, and Live Streaming Many of audience, cannot attend your event.
  26. 26. Highlight the best moments of your event talk about a special session, or even a special guest
  27. 27. Provide a place to take pictures. “Let’s take a photo here to show we were at the event.”
  28. 28. Make it great, by sharing the recap At the end of the day, share the Recap of what happened
  29. 29. The event is over, what's next Every END is a NEW Beginning
  30. 30. Thanks Email! Is essential!
  31. 31. Post the Highlight, Share! Awesome Photos, Videos! And TAG
  32. 32. Push your partners to Promote Your Event
  33. 33. Share useful resources, knowledge is the key!
  34. 34. Ask for feedback, improve your event quality
  35. 35. QUESTIONS & COMMENT feel free to ask any question, do not worry.
  36. 36. Thanks, for being awesome Download the slide, and useful links and resources. www.serirwalid.me/batna ● Serirwalid.me ● Serirwalid.me/ar ● Twitter.com/SerirWalids