6 Mar 2016

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  2. OVERVIEW • Intro to Pentaho. • Pentaho BI suite enterprise edition. • Query and Reporting. • OLAP Analysis. • Data integration. • Dashboard. • Data mining.
  3. INTRO TO PENTAHO • Pentaho is founded in 2004 at Orlando, U.S.A. • Pentaho manages, facilitates, Supports and takes the lead development role in pentaho BI project- a pioneering initiative by open source community to provide organizations with a comprehensive set of BI capabilities that enable them to radically improve business performance, effectiveness and efficiency. • Pentaho BI suite is the commercial open source software application. • Pentaho’s commercial open source business model eliminates license fees, production support, services and product enhancement via an annual subscription. • Pentaho is the recommended component of MYSQL Data warehouse scale-out solution set.
  4. PENTAHO BI SUITE ENTERPRISE EDITION PROVIDES: • Query and Reporting. • OLAP Analysis. • Dashboard. • Data mining. • Workflow. • ETL capabilities for business intelligence needs.
  5. PENTAHO ENTERPRISE EDITION FEATURES: • Professional Support. • Software Maintenance. • Enhanced Functionality. • Certified Software. • Product Expertise. • Software Assurance.
  6. PENTAHO REPORTING • Reporting is core business intelligence need and Pentaho reporting is now the most popular open source reporting. • Access and format data from RDBMS and XML sources and produce in various formats like ADOBE, HTML, Microsoft Access, Rich Text Format or Plain text format. • Create, manage and distribute reports through rich graphical report designer and deliver reports through web or e-mail. • Pentaho reporting allows you to start up small and scale up by providing full spectrum of addressing needs.
  7. SOME OF THE PENTAHO REPORTING FEATURES: • Flexible reporting. • Broad data source report. • Pentaho report designer. • Pentaho User console. • Ad Hoc reporting interface. • Comprehensive role based security.
  9. PENTAHO ANALYSIS • Pentaho analysis makes it easy for users to explore information interactively by dynamically drilling down into greater detail. • Data can be viewed multidimensional. • Uses technology optimized for rapid interactive response. • It becomes easy to analyze and explore data through pentaho analysis
  10. SOME OF PENTAHO ANALYSES FEATURES: • Rich graphical displays and sophisticated OLAP capabilities. • Pentaho user console. • Pentaho schema workbench. • Broad data source support. • Pentaho aggregation designer.
  12. PENTAHO DATA INTEGRATION • Pentaho data integration delivers powerful extraction, transformation and ETL capabilities using an innovative, meta driven approach. • Productivity can be increased because of the graphical drag and drop design.
  13. SOME OF PENTAHO DATA INTEGRATION FEATURES: • Its full featured enterprise class ETL solution includes: – rich transformation library – Advanced data warehousing support – Enterprise class performance and scalability – Data plug-ins and ERP connectors. • Data integration enterprise console. • Modern, standard based architecture.
  15. PENTAHO DASHBOARDS With pentaho dashboards every user gets visibility to important metrics as it provides: • Rich, interactive visual display. • Integration with pentaho analysis and reporting. • Integrated alerting and portal integration. • Pentaho dashboards allows users to drill from KPIS into underlying reports and analysis. • Immediate visibility and integrated alerting is provided for individual or departmental performance.
  16. SOME OF PENTAHO DASHBOARDS FEATURES: • Flexible deployment options. • Easy information access by subjects or roles. • Security compliance. • Rich graphical displays. • Pentaho user console. • Pentaho dashboard designer.
  18. PENTAHO DATAMINING • Data mining is a process of running data through sophisticated algorithms and to uncover meaningful patterns and correlations among the data. • Helps to predict future events based on historical patterns. • Pentaho data mining is different by its use of WEKA data mining project, open and standard compliance nature and tight integration with core BI capabilities including data integration, reporting, analysis and dashboards.
  19. SOME OF PENTAHO DATA MINING FEATURES: • Providing insight into hidden patterns and relationships in your data. • Provides indicators for future performance. • Enables embedding of recommendations in applications. • Provides powerful data engine machine. • Powerful graphical design tools. • Wide range of algorithms.
  21. DATA MINING IS DONE IN FOLLOWING STEPS: • Choosing a model graphically which includes many forms of data mining such as clustering, segmentation, decision trees, random forests, neural nets and principal component analysis. • Value added features can be added to data. • Adapting the parameters to best fit to the sample data. • Evaluating the results. • Perfecting, here the model is perfectly trained. • Output is delivered via graphical decision tree or a simple statement within another application.
  22. ADVANTAGES OF PENTAHO: • Its easy to deploy, easy to maintain and easy to use. • Very intuitive tool, with some basic concepts can make it works. Conceptually very simple and powerful. • Its low cost and fully supported business intelligence. • Its used by all leading organizations globally. • Provides full spectrum BI capabilities including reporting, interactive analysis, dashboards, data integration/ETL, data mining and a BI platform
  23. DISADVANTAGES OF PENTAHO: • The design of the interface can be a bit poor and there is no unified interface for all components, being sometimes confusing. • Much slower tool evolution and uncertain because Pentaho tends to leave the Open Source focus. • Limited availability of components. • JavaScript code written in the step components can not be reused in other components. Fairly limited to adding new functionality or modify existing ones.