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Sim UPAC 360 - Communication Orale #GERPAC17

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First public presentation of #SimUPAC360 at #Gerpac17 !
Digital cytotoxic preparation unit developed in #VirtualReality for staff training

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Sim UPAC 360 - Communication Orale #GERPAC17

  1. 1. the first French digital cytotoxic preparation unit developed in virtual tour for staff training 20th GERPAC Conference, 4th, 5th and 6th October 2017 S. Rodier1,2, M. Moine3, F. Beau2, J.C. Nicoulaud3, M. Colombe1,4, V. Noyer5, N. Jourdan3, F. Divanon2, A. Bobay-Madic1,5 1 Association pour le Digital et l’Information en Pharmacie (ADIPh), www.adiph.org 2 CLCC François Baclesse, service pharmacie, 14000 CAEN 3 Hôpital Saint-Louis, service pharmacie, APHP, 75010 PARIS 4 EPSM de Caen, service pharmacie, 14000 CAEN 5 Centre Hospitalier Robert Bisson, service pharmacie, 14100 LISIEUX
  2. 2. 20th GERPAC Conference, October 20172 Background & Objective Perfectly adapted to develop medical simulation tools Can be use for pharmacy technicians Reduce the use of the CPU for training Playful and interactive aspects in initial and continuous training Cytotoxic Preparation Units Objective: Create a virtual CPU
  3. 3. 20th GERPAC Conference, October 20173 Multi-center working group Communication Material & methods • 7 pharmacists • 2 pharmacy technicians • Including 3 experts of the immersive virtual tour technique Brainstorming • Subcontractor: VRVprod • In 2 CPU • Photos and videos Video filming and editing • Locations • Shooting procedures • Type and number of errors • Universal and instructive • Mailing list ADIPh • Kit for the trainer Telephone meetings & shared documents online
  4. 4. 20th GERPAC Conference, October 20174 Results (1/3) Dressing area (4 POI) Production area (8 POI) Isolator (8 POI) 20 points of interest (POI) 3 areas defined
  5. 5. 20th GERPAC Conference, October 20175 Results (2/3) For each POI 3 or 4 cases defined 5 with errors 15 without errors 80 % 77 errors Futur : severals versions 20 POI 20 %
  6. 6. 20th GERPAC Conference, October 20176 Results (3/3) Repartitions of errors Good manufacturing practice (N=35) Personal and collective protective equipment (N=17) Hygiene (N=10) Storage (N=9) Waste management (N=3) Patient monitoring management and dosages (N=3) Dressing area Production area Isolator
  7. 7. 20th GERPAC Conference, October 20177 Conclusion Initial and continuous training E-learning and self-study Classroom training (using educational kit) Awareness events Wide range of applications Educational kit - simUPAC - Documents to be printed - Correcting material Easy integration of new media: future and low-cost scenarios for SimUPAC 360°
  8. 8. 20th GERPAC Conference, October 20178 Any questions ? Thank you for your attention