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Recently,  you may have adjusted your marketing strategy to accommodate the rapidly growing
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State of Mobile Marketing 2015

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State of Mobile Marketing 2015

  1. 1. © M@' E ‘9 MARKETING Recently, you may have adjusted your marketing strategy to accommodate the rapidly growing number of mobile users currently interacting online, but just how important are they? In our latest ‘State Of’ infographic, we will be looking at things like conversion rates, multichannel marketing, search, and advertising in order to determine the significance and influence of today's mobile users Hl]lU "Hutu EFISILH DI] S| llFlRTPHl]lIE USERS UIJIWERT? " In spite of the fact mobile users are an increasingly powerful demographic, they do not convert as easily as you may have previously thought. For 04 2014, the lllonetflll Ecommerce Quarterly revealed that conversion rates by device around the world were This may also strengthen the case for developing an app rather than simply optimising your website, as smartphone Tablet owners appear to be browsing the Internet with different desires to desktop users Well, the answer could well be multichannel marketing, as research by Marc reveals that users interact with their smartphones before making a purchase as well as in-store of smartphone shoppers of smartphone shoppers user their phone lor also use their devices to ‘ prepurchasing activities 84% help shop while in a store such as comparing prices “llliinr HBUUT SEHRUH Elll3lllE BEHHVIDURZ According to research by mobiForce and SearchEngine land, 25 per cent of overall search queries are now on mobile devices However, research from Similarweb delves a little bit deeper into search engine interactions. Although desktop and mobile device usage On Bing, engagement levels are fairly even, is distributed fairly evenly on Google, the which could be because of more friendly average visit duration and visited pages results in SERP. Evee so, mobile’: share are much lower on mobile, Bounce rates of vieite ie outweighed by desktop 61 are also higher. per cent to 33 per cent. ‘ '3 simiiarweb In response to browsing behaviour, marketers are starting to plough more money into advertising. Things like native advertising and promoted posts on social media aren't overly obtrusive for mobile users, but can still provide relevant brand and product information. Research from EMarketer has also shown that Mobile ad spending Mobile ad spending Mobile ad spending is Wlll be $68.69 billion will exceed spend expected to reach worldwide on desktop formats $195.55 billion. llTHDlllH SEHRCH, Sfllillll llllllll lllll] llllVEllTlSlllB lllllllll BE ll Plllllllllll llll lllllBllE, 1 HS THIS TRIED llllll TESTED TECHITIIIUE IS lllS0 SIJPERSEIIITIG DESKTIIP. Ema” 093'” Mobile email opens have grown 30% Webmall In three years 22% Desktop Source. Litmus Source, Campaign Monitor So, what is the state of mobile marketing in 2015? Well, mobile users are more active and instrumental than ever before. In many respects, they should be treated with greater precedence than desktop users. However, the content and experiences they are interested in, for example when browsing for products or shopping in-store, Wlll require a unique and different approach to other formats BROUGHT TO YOU BY CREATING COMPELLING ACTIONABLE DIGITAL CONTENT FOR BRANDS MARKETING ADVICE JBH. CO. UK l SMA RT| NS| GHTS. COM Sources: www amartinsights com/ mobila-marketing/ mobile-marketirig-analytic: /mobile-marketing-statistics wvvw. techcrunch. corn. /2014/U8/21/maioritypfdigital—media-ixansumption-now-takes~p| ace-in-mobile~appe www smariinaightzi. com/ ecommerce/ ecommerceanalytrc: /ecomrnercaconvarsionvrares wvwv marcrecearch com. /pdf/ Mobile_| nStore_Flesearcn_Study pdf i . ... _.. L.l_. ... . --_ I-. .--. .-_L . ... ..| ._. .. I__| ..l. . . __- | .-L. ... ..-. .- -. “.4.. . an: A