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PNG Agritourism Policy Setting Workshop 2019: Vincent Kumura "Bundi Komba Festival"

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Papua New Guinea Agritourism Policy Setting Workshop 2019
Policy setting for Improved Linkages Between Agriculture, Trade and Tourism:
Strengthening the Local Agrifood Sector and Promoting Healthy Food in Agritourism
Workshop organised by the Government of Papua New Guinea
in collaboration with and Pacific Community, CTA, PIPSO, IFAD and SPTO
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 27-28th May 2019.

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PNG Agritourism Policy Setting Workshop 2019: Vincent Kumura "Bundi Komba Festival"

  1. 1. BUNDI KOMBA FESTIVAL “Food Festival: Celebrating Food and Tourism for All” by Vincent Kumura
  2. 2. Presentation Outline 1. Overview of Bundi Komba 2. Festival Highlights 3. Festival Significance 4. Challenges 5. Event Outcome 6. Linkages btw Agriculture, Cuisine and Tourism 7. Sustainability
  3. 3. Bundi Komba (Marita) or Buah Merah “pandanus conoideus” 1. A rare food (agriculture) product. More kombas than human population of Bundi. 2. Over 25 different types in Bundi. 3. 3 Different Main Colours (Red, Yellow, Orange-red) 4. Grows well from 400m-1700m. Ripes in wet season (Oct- April). 5. A main diet for the Birds of Paradise 6. A very important food culture of Bundi 7. Minike is the most juiciest of red kombas.
  4. 4. Bundi Komba Cont- Traditional Cooking Methods 1. Imu ( mumu) 2. Wokos (bamboos) 3. Garias (claypots) Local Cuisines (Dishes): 1. Komba Pige 2. Komba Bai 3. Komba Gowe Potential Uses 1. Commercial Purposes: - Komba Oils (cooking & body) - Komba Soaps - Komba Sauces 2. Exotic Culinary Cuisines
  5. 5. Experiences/Highlights 1. A little over 1,000 people attended 2. Very diverse pool of visitors 3. 7 Diverse cultural groups performed 4. 1,200 kombas (maritas) used for the festival. 5. 3 Different organic komba dishes were served 6. K36, 000 cash flow. K16,000 to host village. 7. Grand & Colourful Entry by Simbu Bikers Association *This festival has the potential to grow bigger in years ahead
  6. 6. Significance of Komba Festival 1. It showcases a rare food & culture of PNG 2. Revives & Preserves the local culture of Bundi 3. Niche Food Festival Tourism Product of PNG 4. Potential to grow bigger & change the livelihood of locals 5. Komba can be used to produce other products such as: soaps, oil (for cooking & body oil), different types of dishes and sauces for commercial purposes 6. Potential to be used as an authentic cuisine in food tourism
  7. 7. Challenges 1. Access & Connectivity (tough road conditions & remote) 2. Wet conditions (komba ripes during wet season) 3. No water supply and medical facility at festival village/site. 4. Will have housing concerns when festival grows bigger. 5. Funding (sustainability & product development) Note: Niche market for Adventure Tourists (trekkers, bird watchers, cultural & food enthusiasts between 20-50)
  8. 8. Festival Outcome 1. Bundi Culture is Revived and Strengthened 2. 5 Cultural Groups and 1 Catering Group will participate at the 2019 Goroka Festival 3. Community Mobilization & Rebuilding (Housing, water supply, festival garden, trek & komba maintenance, etc.). 4. Erection of Bird Watching Sites near Festival Ground 5. Commercial Options: komba oil, soaps, sauces, etc. 6. Report for PNGTPA, NCC etc.
  9. 9. Linkages between Agriculture, Cuisine & Tourism Kumura Foundation wants to: 1. Work with individuals or organizations who have already done studies on the nutritional benefits of komba 2. Secure funding and conduct trainings on how to produce Bundi komba sauces, soaps, and oils (cooking & body oils). 3. Produce, label and sell the above items at retail stores, shows, online, etc. to benefit the locals. 4. Contract with major hotels and restaurants in PNG to have our rare & traditional organic komba dishes on their menus 5. Launch komba dish and organic Bundi coffee tasting at our annual Bundi Komba Festival
  10. 10. Going Forward: Sustainability 1. More strategic partnership with PNGTPA, NCC, etc. for marketing, funding, signing of MoA, etc. 2. Request Government & Corporate sponsorships/funding. 3. Partner with the above bodies, World Bank or other such ORGs to maintain the road to Yandera, Bundi. 4. Work with chopper companies to subsidize airlifting tourists for the festival. *Brand Destination- Our Environment, People, Culture
  11. 11. Festival Pictures