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Wjgtll 1 philippe carré

  1. 1. FOSS WORSHOPWorkshop in ADACORE Paris, April 2nd 2013Philippe Carré Alcatel-Lucent
  2. 2. Presentation plan  Alcatel-Lucent background  FOSS Strategy  Open Source Initiative & FSF  FOSS use in Alcatel-Lucent  Contribution  FOSS Obligations  Legal aspects  FOSS assessment process  FOSS usage in Product Life Cycle  New Challenges2 Alcatel-Lucent
  3. 3. ALCATEL-LUCENTBACKGROUND % revenues N. America: ~36% Europe: ~32% Asia Pacific: ~18% Rest of world: ~14% • Sells anything in the network • 79 000+ employees for communication • 27 900 active patents Russia ­ Network access Romania Ireland • Present in more than Poland ­ Core network UK Slovakia Canada Belgium 130 countries ­ Transmission technologies France ­ Applications Germany • 600+ new development Korea Turkey South USA Netherlands ­ Professional services Italy projects per year China Israel Spain • NumerousIndia suppliers and Taiwan • Customers outsourced developments ­ Network operators Singapore • Several acquisitions of (around 1500 in the world) companies per year ­ Strategic industries Brazil • Product life can be from Australia ­ Enterprises Executive Business Centers to 20 years 1 ­ Indirectly: end users Research Centers Product & Solution Development Centers
  4. 4. 4 Alcatel-Lucent
  5. 5. FOSS STRATEGYSOFTWARE R&D AND FOSS TOMORROWINDUSTRY TRENDS TODAY YESTERDAY A proprietary SW product A FOSS Trend line distributor/integrator Proprietary R&D FOSS We stand here Development cost Development cost FOSS Development cost Trends: R&D becomes a shared effort 35 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Alcatel-Lucent
  6. 6. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)FSF => Free Software Foundation OSI => Open Source InitiativeGPL (GNU Public license):  The freedom to run the program, for Cover all major licenses any purpose (freedom 0).  No discrimination against person/groups  The freedom to study how the program  No discrimination against field of works, and adapt it to your needs endeavor (freedom 1). Access to the source code  License must not be specific to a product is a precondition for this.  License must not restrict other software  The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).  License must be technology neutral...  The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits (freedom 3). Access to the source code is a precondition for this.6 Alcatel-Lucent
  7. 7. FOSS USE INALCATEL-LUCENT• Strategy: use FOSS whenever It is also about possible • Innovation• Use FOSS distributors / supporting ­ Using FOSS accelerate innovation companies whenever possible ­ E.g. Linux - Android is our strategy ­ Re-use avoid to re-invent the wheel• 20% to 80% of an Alcatel-Lucent • Provide freedom to our customers product code is FOSS (42% in ­ Provide them standard solutions to average today) develop additional services• Basic rationale ­ Reduce their need to adapt their ­ Remove supplier lock-in solutions for each supplier ­ Reduce R&D costs • New Business model: Moving from a ­ Create an internal and external HW/SW supplier to a service supplier community ­ Compete on quality, customer care, on common software innovation ­ Provide our contribution to the communities 7 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  8. 8. CONTRIBUTION• Contributions to tools • FOSS Forums and standardization ­ Expat suite of tools, GForge/ Fusionforge • Linux foundation: Alcatel-Lucent is one of• Contribution to FOSS bug Fix the 9 founders of carrier grade Linux group• Contribution to new developments • FOSSBazaar: Alcatel-Lucent participate to SPDX standard and promote it. ­ Corba component model on top of Mico (GPL/LGPL licenses) • FOSSBazaar: we will continue the ­ Plan9 (operating system under Lucent public standardization of FOSS governance license) process.• Indirect contributions to non core • We participate to OWF telecom business through FOSS • Systematic: FOSS project committee distributors • OVA: Open Virtualization Alliance member ­ We pay ten’s of million$ per year to FOSS distributors for enhancements to OS, database, middleware, …. 8 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  9. 9. Ensure FOSS Obligations are Met! When packaging an Alcatel-Lucent product & documentation all FOSS licenses obligations must be respected  Source code of FOSS software that has to be made available MUST be made available.  Necessary acknowledgement must be done according to the license: in the distribution or in the documentation or at run time  Licenses must be propagated with the distribution  Disclaimer must be propagated if need be  …9 Alcatel-Lucent
  10. 10. Alcatel-Lucent FOSS policy Alcatel-Lucent policy is to strictly respect FOSS license philosophies If you cannot respect them, do not use them10 Alcatel-Lucent
  11. 11. Background on legalaspects Alcatel-Lucent
  12. 12. License Agreement License  It is an agreement: created when an Downloading FOSS offer is accepted  When downloading/using a FOSS the downloader generally implicitly signs  It defines the rights and obligations for the contract represented by the using, copying, modifying, re- license. distributing, sub-licensing the software  Not respecting a license is like a breach of contract  The offer containing the license terms is made by the copyright holder: if you accept it, a legally valid contract is created12 Alcatel-Lucent
  13. 13. Breach of Contract Risks Breach of a license contract means you are not licensed - copyright holder can pursue you as infringer. Money damages  Pay a fee to copyright holder Injunctive relief  Stop selling a product Criminal fine for the company  Management can be criminally liable under the copyright law Other potential consequences  Bad image  No right to use anymore some open source  If your customer is sued by copyright holder because the product you delivered is infringing, you may have to cover his costs and what he has to pay in damages13 Alcatel-Lucent
  14. 14. Selecting FOSSEvaluating risks Alcatel-Lucent
  15. 15. NEED OF A STRONG FOSS GOVERNANCE PROCESS!• Governance process started in • Numbers and facts 2002 ­ 160+ people trained to ­ Process scope: select/authorize/forbid FOSS and implement the process ­ FOSS selection, ­ 1000s of people trained to ­ use of detection tools, basic tutorial ­ outsourcing developments, ­ 3500 FOSS in Alcatel-Lucent FOSS ­ merge and acquisitions, database (describing risk issues) ­ packaging Alcatel-Lucent products, ­ Alcatel-Lucent is committed to align on ­ suppliers contracts, SPDX/FOSSBazaar standard ­ contributing to FOSS. ­ All new contracts with suppliers contains FOSS clauses ­ Implementation in place ­ Alcatel-Lucent is sharing common governance processes with other companies (e.g Fossbazaar, OWF,...) 15 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  16. 16. Alcatel-Lucent FOSS Review Procedure FOSS Evaluators Initiator, e.g. Product Management or advanced procurement  Can you confirm that B is a  Check A, B, C library ? Core team Support for Evaluators  Add B  Set B risks difficult FOSS Expert evaluations  Evaluate B  A is OK, C is Lawyers forbidden, B is not described in the DB FOSS Purchasing Database FOSS Executive Committee16 Alcatel-Lucent
  17. 17. FOSS Database: example17 Alcatel-Lucent
  18. 18. FOSS Database - request18 Alcatel-Lucent
  19. 19. Alcatel-Lucent FOSS processinside the Product Life Cycle Alcatel-Lucent
  20. 20. Alcatel-Lucent FOSS Process in PLCBefore DR1, all FOSS At DR1, A FOSS expertplanned to be used in an must check that forAlcatel-Lucent product each FOSS planned to bemust be identified. used, conform to what is authorized in the FOSSA new entry request must DB.be issued (preferably) bythe FOSS expert if the FOSS At DR4, a check mustis not registered in the When packaging the be performed to ensuredatabase. Alcatel-Lucent product, all all FOSS license FOSS license obligations obligations are met. must be respected. DR0 DR1 DR2 DR4 DR5 DR6       Execution Volume End of Planning Design and Limited Implementatio Validation Deployment Deployment Life Opportunity n DR3 Definition  FOSS request: if a FOSS is not in the database or if the FOSS version is not covered by the Database Sales & Marketing Preparation Fill a form for the FOSS and all dependencies (all included FOSS) Between D1 and DR4 check ALU code with Explain the nature of the software (with FOSS detector respect to GPL obligations) and the way of use20 Alcatel-Lucent
  21. 21. Packaging an ALU product  Make the list of all FOSS with their license  Create a directory “License” in the binary distribution  Copy all Licenses in this directory.  If there are some licenses that require source code availability upon distribution burn a CD with source code of ALL FOSS and put it in ALU catalogue of orderable items  Write in the documentation of the ALU product that source code of FOSS is available in the ALU catalog.21 Alcatel-Lucent
  22. 22. FOSS detectorBlack Duck’s Protex is a software tool for FOSSology.checking FOSS presence in target software  Tool to detect copyright and licensing  It compares target code to a database information in source code of hundreds of thousands of FOSS packages  Complementary with Black Duck  generates a bill of material of FOSS  Allow to detect potential dependencies with a list of FOSS obligations inside an Open source  Installed on server  Available on a server  BD representatives trained for its use  Evaluate other competitor tools (e.g. from Palamida)22 Alcatel-Lucent
  23. 23. NEW CHALLENGES FOR ALCATEL-LUCENT• Standardizing the process with other companies ­ Move to the SPDX standard ­ Go further in standardizing FOSS governance process• Keeping up with new business models ­ Cloud computing, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …• Keeping up with recent technologies ­ Maven – dynamic internet download of Java software at runtime ­ Bit torrent propagation – automatic propagation of software between servers ­ DRM or CAS software – limit to multimedia content access• Improving our process ­ A process cannot be frozen and must be continuously improved 23 COPYRIGHT © 2011 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention !!! Alcatel-Lucent