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Solutions to your employee disengagement

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  2. 2 How to Engage your employees and to enable them to thrive in their workplace?
  3. 3 Have you ever struggled with finding a way to make your employees engaged? We’re guessing that your answer is definitely yes! Many people have been there before, and we feel you! We really do.
  4. According to a 2015 Gallup survey, 68% of U.S. employees were disengaged from their companies. That’s a pretty sobering statistic, right? That’s what pushed us to share our approach to increasing engagement in the workplace. 4
  5. The first thing to do is improve teamwork and communication within departments and between business units. You can do this with Collaborative tools that connect employees to each other and empower collaboration on cross-functional projects. 5
  6. Recognize your employees’ achievements and congratulate them. Focus on creating a warm open culture within your workplace. 6
  7. Empower your employees to share knowledge and develop ideas. They will feel more connected to your company and believe they are making a meaningful contribution to your organization. 7
  8. Try to promote dialogue and to enhance internal communication by adopting a social intranet solution to allow your employees to comment on activities and share their thoughts. 8
  9. Be flexible. Digital workplaces and BYOD ( Bring your own Device ) are the answers. Allow your employees to work from home if they ask you to! Workers with flexible hours and locations are more productive, happier and more engaged. 9
  10. Break out from your comfort zone by encouraging your employees to take on new responsibilities and projects outside their typical roles. By allowing them to try new things, you’ll demonstrate your faith in them. 10
  11. The best way to follow all the tips we have provided here is to adopt a Digital workplace solution. By doing so, you will not only facilitate communication but also enhance your employees’ engagement. 11
  12. Learn more by clicking here! 12