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SILS 2015 - Drug Development and Autonomy - Two Strengths of the Estrie Region

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The Estrie Region, with Sherbrooke as its capital city, is a recognized Life Sciences Hub in the Province of Québec. An overview of the companies and research platforms ready to develop new products and collaborations will be given, and representatives from Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke Research Centre on Aging, and Estrie’s Industrial Network will present the research and development expertise that can be found in our region. Please note that Estrie’s definition of autonomy includes any person who has had an accident or who suffers from a disease and needs medication or technology to live better, in addition to helping the elderly stay healthy and at home longer.
By : Charles River Laboratories Sherbrooke / Sherbrooke Research Centre on Aging / University of Sherbrooke
At Sherbrooke International Life Sciences Summit - 2nd edition | September 28/29/30 2015

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