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MAPIC 2014: Présentation Côté Clients / Unibail Rodamco

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UNIBAIL RODAMCO et COTE CLIENTS interviennent au MAPIC pour présenter leur vision de ce qui continuera à faire venir les clients de demain dans les centres commerciaux et en magasin.
Il s’agit d’un retour d’expérience conjoint d’UNIBAIL RODAMCO et COTE CLIENTS basé sur :
De nombreux secteurs en Europe : Centres commerciaux, Alimentaire, Prêt à porter, Sport, Equipement Maison, Meuble/Déco, Restauration, Beauté/Santé
Plus de 50 marques/magasins, 130 centres commerciaux en Europe
Plus de 100.000 consommateurs interrogés

A partir des résultats d’études Qualitatives/Quantitatives réalisées par COTE CLIENTS et éclairée par UNIBAIL RODAMCO, la conférence livrera les enseignements principaux pour chacun des grands leviers conso :
Digitalisation des lieux de commerce
Nouveaux concepts de magasins ou centres, vitrine, stimulation marchande
Mixité de scénarios, expérience augmentée, allongement des scenarios de visite
Commercialisation et débanalisation de l’offre, zoning thématique et visibilité de l'offre
… Et au-delà de ces leviers, quelle mixité de vocation des lieux de commerce demain ?
Quelle place à l’avenir pour les loisirs et le non-marchand VS le shopping pur ?

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MAPIC 2014: Présentation Côté Clients / Unibail Rodamco

  1. 1. What will keep tomorrow's European customers coming to physical malls and stores… Christophe NOEL Benjamin MESUREUR Gil ARBAN
  2. 2. Strategic consulting, Marketing & organizations www.dia-mart.fr Customer research, Mystery shopping www.cote-clients.fr Retail design, Visual merchandising www.uxinsitu.fr Dia-Mart is the French member of Ebeltoft Attractiveness Customer experience Commerciality Cross-channel Digital In-Store
  3. 3. Clothing Beauty Housing equipment DIY Food Real Estate Premium
  4. 4. Strategic Concepts Ad Hoc Mystery shopping & Satisfaction barometers Quali (focus groups, interviews…) Customer Orientation COS® 100,000 consumers surveyed / 50 brands/stores / 130 malls in Europe
  5. 5. Why do we have to worry about declining traffic in shopping centers and stores ?
  6. 6. Economic stagnation + Budgets’ trade-offs not in favor of Retail = STABILITY OF CUSTOMERS SPENDING + 3% commercial m2 per year + ½ pt internet market share = MECANICAL LOWERING of TURNOVER per M² of 3-4% +1.0% +0.5% A sustainable erosion of footfalls +1.3% +0.2% +1.7% -1,2% -1,3% -0,8% -1,7% -0,1% 106 104 102 100 98 96 94 92 90 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 H1-2014 Source: CNCC Footfalls evolution in France Unibail Rodamco (rebased to 100) Shopping centers (rebased to 100) 105 95
  7. 7. Not only a matter of visiting malls… Declared evolution of the visit’s frequency More and more often Less and less often Opening example of the new mall in Marseille « Les Terrasses du Port » -30% turnover for city-center stores during the weeks following the opening -5% to -7% traffic since then Source : http://newsinmarseille.com// City Centers Shopping Centers 18% 39% 15% 44%
  8. 8. You need to create your attractiveness Households’ final consumption expenditures by type 16 000 14 000 12 000 10 000 8 000 6 000 4 000 2 000 0 2.655 € 3.750 € 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2008 Euros par habitant Communications Communications Health Housing, water, gas, electricity & other fuels Transport Other goods & services Leisure culture, restaurants Furniture, houseware, everyday maintenance Education Santé Logement, eau, gaz, électricité et autres combustibles Transport Autres biens et services Loisirs, culture, restaurants et hôtels Meubles, articles de ménage et entretien courant de l'habitation Education Food and drinks (excl. Alco.) Produits alimentaires et boissons non alcoolisées Articles d'habillement et chaussures Clothing and shoes Liquor & tobacco Boissons alcoolisées et tabac Note : Les postes sont présentés suivant l’ordre de croissance la plus rapide ; * en volume : corrigé de l'effet de l'inflation. Source : Insee, comptes nationaux. Note: expenditure types are shown in order of fastest increase ; * in volume : inflation effect corrected Source: Insee, national accounts Euros per resident 1.360 € 3.106 € +95% +21%
  9. 9. Shopping remains a leisure activity Shopping in the 60’s Shopping in 2014
  10. 10. Making the customer’s path much smoother
  11. 11. Comfort VS Sophistication UMPQUA Bank Beaugrenelle La Halle Atlantis
  12. 12. 52% 43% 50% 52% 39% 38% 51% 47% 35% 36% 48% 40% 22% 29% 34% 8% 17% 10% 5% 13% 3% 9% 7% 25% 16% 7% 6% 38% 17% 7% % Very satisfied % Dissatisfied Some basic steps of customer’s path still need to be better addressed
  13. 13. Digital In-Store: a lever of efficiency first! Digitalization to deliver efficiency Digitalization to entertain or to enlarge the offer? We have enough high tech at home. We don’t need to come here to place an order online.
  14. 14. The main level of stimulation: the offer
  15. 15. Different kinds of expectations BASICS PERFORMANCES Capacity to develop customer delight Capacity to decrease customer dissatisfaction high low low high BONUS Negative impact if badly rated Positive impact if well rated No impact if badly rated Positive impact if well rated Negative impact if badly rated but no impact if well rated No impact if well or badly rated SECONDARY
  16. 16. The offer, at the center of expectations Performances Bonus Capacity to develop customer delight Capacity to create customer dissatisfaction high low low high Basics • Safety • Cleanliness • Ease of purchase / efficiancy • Advices throughout the visit • Salesmen availability • Choice of brands/stores • New products offer • Choice of products • Where I feel good / Comfort • Confidence in the brand • Modern retailer • Price-quality ratio • Competitive prices • Salesmen competence • Services Secondary • Best prices guaranteed • Committed to substainable development
  17. 17. The available offer often remains a high The increase in real traffic for the stores On average, 2,1 stores visited 100 visitors x 2,1 stores = 210 visits 100 visitors x 2,5 stores = 250 visits potential to develop +20% Visible part of traffic for retailers AWARENESS OF RETAILERS Customer No customer Food 88% 58% Locomotives 59% 32% Recent stores 44% 18% Stores 36% 17%
  18. 18. The importance of shopwindow, especially during periods of weak business ! More than 200.000 observations December-Christmas vs Standard period in March Attractiveness: 5% vs 7% Have stopped and/or looked at the shopwindow 4% vs 5% of customers looked at the shopwindow without stopping 1% vs 2% of customers observed the shopwindow and paused for a moment SHOPWINDOW IMPACT 0,31% vs 0,59% of customers entered after observing the shopwindow
  19. 19. How to stimulate the offer? Which communication for the malls ? Which communication for the retailers ? They have to tell the customers that this brand is the only shop of this brand in this area Eleven Paris, it’s not known by everyone: what do they sell exactly? I would love to have new shop brands in my town! No, I didn’t know this shop brand! Is it new?
  20. 20. Customer’s expectations towards the offer The access to the « basic shop brands » is a constant expectation We don’t have the basic shops! We miss Zara, Ikea, H&M, Castorama, Fnac… In the bigger towns, they expect a more original offer I once discovered the Zodio store, it’s great! Why don’t we have it here?! They open new malls but it’s always the same brands!! Here we have 4 H&Ms, 4 Celios .. The offer has to be renewed in order to appeal the customers again Can’t wait for Primark to come here! We need to discover new products and brands! It’s always the same stuff! When I first came to Nice I thought it was too old fashioned here. You could find all the stuff the Parisians didn’t want to wear!
  21. 21. Boosting traffic with new engines We don’t want to spend all afternoon buying groceries…. ... We prefer to find a cool place to buy some stuff, eat something and have fun with the kids.
  22. 22. Mixed scenarios of visit keep increasing Evolution of visit’s drivers in shopping centers Food Shopping Paid leisure (cinema, restaurants…) Free leisure (walks, animations…) 2000’s 63% 42% 4% 1% 2014 48% 53% 9% 9% Projection 2020 40% 60% 15% 15% 110% 119% 130%
  23. 23. Enjoy yourself rather than only buying! Let’s buy! Efficient and basic shopping Let’s buy in a pleasant place! Improved forms of shopping pleasure I enjoy life + I buy Combine shopping and leisure in a nice experience A wider purpose and a new concept The mass consumption temple ! Theme malls with walking facilities
  24. 24. A mixed offer of services Buying products is no longer the only Shops take the initiative of animations reason to come Affordable leisure is preferred to adventure leisure
  25. 25. Why will restaurants play a central part in the new orientation of the malls? The dining Experience Unibail-Rodamco
  26. 26. A new range of malls for both collective and selfish needs SHARING & AUTONOMY Adapted offers to the needs of modern families & A family day where no one gets bored! I can go there with my children. We can spend time together and we can also split and go for each one’s activities and meet again later for a bite.
  27. 27. Benjamin Mesureur Directeur associé E-mail : b.mesureur@coteclients.fr Gil Arban Directeur associé E-mail : g.arban@coteclients.fr