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Business objectives

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Business objectives

  1. 1. Align conversations on business objectives Client - Date
  2. 2. What is the main discussion between people of a same company at lunch
  3. 3. Set up the network Conversation and processes Make the process smooth Optimize the process Conversations are part of the processes
  4. 4. Set up the network Conversation and processes Make the process smooth Optimize the process There is more and more conversations
  5. 5. Set up the network Conversation and processes Make the process smooth Optimize the process Too much conversations ?
  6. 6. How to use conversation to enhance the business
  7. 7. Social business impact is a long journey Collaborative use above the business process: i.e : community of practice
  8. 8. Align social goals on business goals
  9. 9. Different objectives related to your business lines R&D •  Innovate through partnership •  Community of experts Customer and Sales •  Enhance the client relationship •  Integrate the customer insights Human ressources •  Strengthen recruitment and talent management •  Make the organization nimble
  10. 10. A tool and organization issue
  11. 11. A tool to smooth the daily work …
  12. 12. … Then develop new uses
  13. 13. Digital workplace is more and more trendy Jane Mc Connel’s vision : The digital workplace is the eco-system of enterprise platforms and services that enable people to work, collaborate, communicate, develop services and products and better serve customers or the public The digital workplace is multi-dimensional: •  The managed dimension includes business applications and validated, authoritative, reference content. It is primarily internal but extends partially into the client-partner sphere for inter-enterprise projects and processes. •  The structured collaborative dimension involves teamwork on projects with specific goals, deliverables and timelines. It also extends into the client-partner sphere. •  The social collaborative dimension is self-organizing. It includes social networking, micro blogging, community-building and other social features such as UGC (user-generated content). It extends from internal into the public sphere.
  14. 14. 14 Inspiré de 3e monde Multi-canal Collaborateurs Managers HR C-Suite & Governance Social Network Business Purchase Supply Finance …SI Thread to smooth daily work Socialization of the IT system
  15. 15. Organize the unstructured information to make them available and useful •  70-80% of the information are unstructured and grow 10 to 50 time faster than the structured one •  Synthesize, filter and prioritize information to make them intelligible and available (curation)
  16. 16. A community is potentialy a private space, gathering people with a common goal. Organize to bring the conversations to the objective Business community Community of practice Project community Experts community
  17. 17. Asses the impact on business processes Yo u d o n ’ t a s s e s s t h e membership and the use of the platform : • Number of commentaries • Number of members • Number of content • …
  18. 18. Produce value through conversations inside business process Identify goals •  Answer to a business need •  Identify the added value Define a strategy •  Describe needs •  Identify and assess Insert conversations •  Filter the threads •  Work inside dedicated communities Apply and Assess