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NCrafts.IO 2015 - Future of User eXperiences

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Kinect, Oculus, Holograms, Wearables, Smart Objects...
Over the past few years, we have seen a rise of the new devices and sensors coming to our everyday life.
This session will explain the principles of interfaces, what is innovation and how to use these new devices to create more natural and more personal computing experiences by blurring the line between our world and the digital one.

Video available on NCrafts Vimeo Channel: https://vimeo.com/131932860

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NCrafts.IO 2015 - Future of User eXperiences

  1. 1. 2015 Future Of User Experiences Vincent Guigui
  2. 2. Interfaces Innovation Experiences
  3. 3. Software Crafts(wo)mens Software developers Technical Lead Software designer Coach … @VincentGuigui vguigui@octo.com Microsoft Kinect MVP Innovative Interfaces Expert
  4. 4. What I say How I say What I do What you perceived How you interpret What I think (data) What you understand (data) World World
  5. 5. Computer World (digital) Human World (analog) World World Interfaces-
  6. 6. History CLI WIMP Touch Gesture / Touchless / Ambiant
  7. 7. What we gain in natural interaction May be loose on precision Ease of use Precision Efficiency
  8. 8. What we gain as NOVICE May be loose as EXPERT Ease of use Precision Efficiency
  9. 9. No Learning Curve Control and not Endure (Suffer) Natural User Interfaces
  10. 10. No Learning Curve Control and not Endure (Suffer) No machine, no device Positive Experience Natural User Interfaces
  11. 11. User must focus on the object / data not on the interface
  12. 12. Computer World (digital) Human World (analog) World World Interfaces Digital + Physical = Phygital
  13. 13. http://youtu.be/QJfhgLZhLDA
  14. 14. Let’s buy a furniture The optimal furniture is Fvünstel for only 97€ Width 112 cm Height 90 cm 3 shelves 2 doors http://youtu.be/O97Kn7UBvt0
  15. 15. R&D - Proof-Of-Concept
  16. 16. WHAOU EFFECT !
  17. 17. is it appropriate ?
  18. 18. Relevance to the User Does it solve his problems? Does it fulfill his needs? Does it bring him closer to his goals? Will it simplify his tasks? Does it arouse his curiosity? Will it brighten his work? Useful Helpful Appealing
  19. 19. Happy user Involved Give feedbacks Good User Experience
  20. 20. Use technologies to turn information into communication Interactive Displays, Digital Signage, Advertising…
  21. 21. Feedback from a system Low visibility environment, visually distracted Accessibility / visually impaired Directional speaker for personal experience Hearing http://www.elsevierdirect.com/companions/9780123740175/casestudies/Case_Study_05.pdf Audio Spotlight
  22. 22. Feedback from a system Extend common senses with haptic Remote sensing We can also perceive Shape Texture Temperature Touch Tactical Tactile Training Vest
  23. 23. Mood manipulation (shop…) Immersion (video game, travel agency…) Smell: Olfactory interface http://augmentedbody.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/olfactory-interfaces/ http://www.hitl.washington.edu/scivw/scivw-ftp/publications/IDA-pdf/OLFACT.PDF https://courses.ece.ubc.ca/518/lectures/lecture6.pdf
  24. 24. Interactive Point of Sell
  25. 25. http://youtu.be/bx5McnEht7Q
  26. 26. Responsive Design ?
  27. 27. Personal consumption mode
  28. 28. Human Centric Experience Device Centric Experience Data Centric Experience
  29. 29. Accessibility Behaviors Emotions User Responsive Design (Adaptive UI)
  31. 31. Google Cardboard Facebook Oculus Microsoft HoloLens Samsung, HTC, Sony…
  32. 32. VR / AR can materialize concepts into experiences
  33. 33. http://youtu.be/rLlRzM6Vfp4
  34. 34. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have the ability to get people more engaged with what’s happening in the world Cliff Plumer – Producer/Filmmaker
  35. 35. Natural UI Integrated UI, Smart Objects Immersive / Ambiant UI Personal UI Human Interactions Future ?
  36. 36. Connected human http://youtu.be/12udllm6SXY
  37. 37. Listen to the user’s needs Be pragmatic Create new paradigms if needed Give control
  38. 38. Questions ?