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Focus on Students: Resources to Prepare you for your Public Health Career (2022)

  1. October 4, 2022 1:00 – 2:30 PM EDT Susan Snelling, Alyssa Kostopoulos, Sophie Neumann, Karlene Stoby Focus on Students: Resources to Prepare you for your Public Health Career
  2. Housekeeping • Connection issues • We recommend using a wired Internet Connection • If you are experiencing technical issues please send a private message to Alanna Miller • Live transcripts are enabled • Use the Q&A and chat to post questions and/or comments throughout the webinar • Post your questions in the Q&A • Send questions about technical difficulties in a private chat to Alanna Miller • Polling
  3. After Today After the webinar, access the recording (in English) at and slides in English and French at
  4. Agenda 1. Introduction to the NCCMT and the NCCs 2. What is evidence-informed decision making? 3. Student perspectives: Resources to support evidence-informed practice 4. Q and A / Discussion
  5. Learning Objectives After attending this webinar, participants will: • Be able to articulate the key features of a model for evidence- informed decision making and a process for evidence-informed public health. • Know where to access tools and resources to support students (and others) in public health to find and use best-available research evidence in decision making. • Appreciate the perspectives of current and recent public health graduate students on the value of evidence-informed practice and the tools that they have found helpful.
  6. Pre-webinar Polling Questions 1.How many people are watching today’s session with you? A) Just Me B) 2-3 C) 4-5 D) 6-10 E) >10 2. Have you visited the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools’ website or used its resources before? A) Yes B) No 3. If you stated YES on the previous question, how many times have you used the NCCMT’s resources? A) Once B) 2-3 times C) 4-10 times D) 10+ times
  7. What is Evidence-Informed Public Health? • The process of distilling and disseminating the best available evidence from research, context and experience, and using that evidence to inform and improve public health practice and policy. • Put simply, it means finding, using and sharing what works in public health.
  8. Stages in the process of Evidence-Informed Public Health 9
  9. A Model for Evidence-Informed Decision-Making in Public Health 10
  10. We asked recent grads… • How are evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) skills important in your studies and/or in your work in the public health field? • What’s an EIDM resource you have found useful?
  11. Our Presenters Are… Alyssa Kostopoulos, MPH Sophie Neumann, MPH Karlene Stoby, MA
  12. How are EIDM skills important in your studies/work in the public health field?
  13. What’s an EIDM resource you have found useful?
  14. 15 Online Learning
  15. 16
  16. Quality appraisal tools 17
  17. 18 Health Evidence™
  18. Health Evidence Briefing Note Tool
  19. 20 Understanding Research Evidence
  20. 21 Rapid Review Guidebook
  21. NCCMT Rapid Reviews
  22. Questions and Discussion
  23. 24 NCCMT Registry of Methods and Tools A free, searchable, online collection of resources to support evidence-informed decision making in public health practice, programs and policy. This curated, searchable resource offers a selection of methods and tools for each step in the evidence-informed decision-making process. • Summary statements • Web links to resources •
  24. Share your story! • Are you using EIDM in your practice/studies? We want to hear about it! • Email us: • Need support for EIDM? Contact us for help! • Email us: • We typically respond within 24 business hours 25
  25. Webinar Feedback Your responses will be kept anonymous. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following: 1. Participating in the webinar increased my knowledge and understanding of evidence-informed decision making. 2. I will use the information from today’s webinar in my own practice. 3. Which of the following statements apply to your experience with the webinar today (check all that apply): □ The webinar was relevant to me and my public health practice □ The webinar was effectively facilitated □ The webinar had opportunities to participate □ The webinar was easy to follow along □ The webinar met my expectations Strongly agree Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly Disagree Strongly agree Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly Disagree
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