Migrer vers Windows 7     et mettre en oeuvre    le Flexible WorkstyleJacques BenassisNational Desktop & Infrastructure Le...
Flexible Workstyle Windows - Offre de Services                                                                            ...
Mythes concernant Windows 7 $     Le coût de la        J’aimerais bien migrer,                                            ...
Commentaires du Gartner           “La migration vers                     “De nombreux éditeurs           Windows 7 constit...
Se poser les bonnesquestions…                                                                       Windows               ...
Planning d’une migration type           Le temps presse !                                                         Planning...
Construire son poste de travail Composants d’un poste de                                 Poste de travail travail en entre...
Rendre compatible son parcapplicatif                                                                                      ...
Approche du déploiement WDS – Outils de déploiement autonomes sur Windows Server LTI – Utilise MDT comme moteur de déploie...
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Flexible Workstyle: le Poste et les modes de travail réconciliés (mobilité, sécurité, gestion, infrastructure et terminaux)

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Changez le paradigme du poste de travail: Venez découvrir dans cette session les solutions que Microsoft apporte aux besoins des différents modes de travail tout en répondant aux contraintes et enjeux IT: Mobilité et sécurisation des données, multiples équipements et gestion intégrée...

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  • To enable this FlexibleWorkstyle and to get ahead of the Consumerization of IT trend, the first step is deploying Windows 7 Enterprise.Il ne faut pas attendre ! (rationaliser les coûts, moderniser l’expérience des utilisateurs pour les rendre plus productifs, fin de support Windows XP, tout le travail fait sur Windows 7 facilitera la transition vers Windows 8) Key Points:Windows 7 continues its strong momentum.30% of PCs globally running Windows 7Nearly 90% committed to Windows 7450 million licenses soldRecord customer satisfactionOffice 2010Innovations in Windows 7 are seamlessly integrated with Office 2010 to help you work more efficiently (for example Office 2010 files sync with Win7, instantly create Outlook 2010 attachments, Office Jump lists)Internet Explorer 9IE 9 takes advantage of Windows 7 by allowing websites ‘Pinning’ capabilities, enabling users Internet Explorer 9 features a simplified yet enhanced interface to put the focus on websitesFinally , XP end of life is not that far off. April 8, 2014 to be exact. End of Life means that ongoing standard support and software maintenance will not be a part of the Windows XP experience and that can introduce material risk to a business. 
  • EXAMINE:These are services that help the customers think about what it takes to get started.ENVISION:Planning and Engineering services for deployment design and project planningEXPRESS:Implementation services for desktop deployment.There are various versions of the Application Compatibility testing engagements, Also known as Windows Impact Testing or Windows Impact Analysis SOGETI SMART DESKTOP ServicesDesktop Services is no longer just the PC, it includes all of the solutions which are accessed by the remote client. This solution includes the Microsoft technologies that make people productive anywhere, manage risk through security and control, and reduce the costs of PC management.Salesdiscussions will enable you to sell the Strategic Roadmap for Sogeti Smart Desktop Services including:Discussing typical customer business challenges Microsoft's Optimized Desktop product line How Sogeti SMART Desktop follows Microsoft's Optimized Desktop vision to effectively addresses customer needs including End-user productivity, security and control, and PC Management The inherent value features of Windows 7 including BitLocker, AppLocker and Direct Access; Simplifying management and deployment with Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack; Positioning Cloud Services and Windows 7; Enhance PC management through System Center Configuration Manager and System Center Data Protection Manager; Enhancing security and governance.
  • Key MessagesWindows 7 is your opportunity to rationalize applications and to stay ahead of ISV support changes.Talk TrackNo one likes to clean out their closet. For many businesses, Y2K might have been the last opportunity to rationalize outdated applications. Windows 7 migration provides the perfect opportunity to revisit an organization’s application landscape. And this year, ISVs will phase out of supporting applications on Windows XP and your business can stay ahead of ISV support changes with Windows 7.Advance Slide
  • --By this calculation, 28-32 months for an OS deployment (30 months will bring customers right up to EOS)--Lifespan of hardware is 3-5 years so if customers are thinking of waiting to replace hardware that would still run up against the EOS date for hardware that is only a few years old at this point.-- The steps and timelines on this slide are based on many years of customer deployment experiences primarily in the EPG segment in Canada. As a pilot they used this timeline with 30 customers which elicited a strong positive response. This was used primarily for IT manager and ITDM conversations. As the primary objective of the slide is to drive urgency with TDMs – we have tied in into the CIE/POC process to get customers moving. We advise sending the customer’s IT Pros to the Springboard Series on TechNet for Windows 7, which has the deeper step by step content.Here is further information:Customers have responded dramatically to the timeline view and discussion; many in one session reaching for their phones to send emails requesting updates on where there were at in their deployment planning. As well, Partners such as Lenovo,Dell and HP have requested the slide to help them drive urgency and awareness around deployment timelines. The following ATSs acted as technical guidance in building the slide and commentary, along with James Nicholson (Canada): Rodrigo Mier y Concha Araiza, ATS – Central RegionDmitri Kachournikov, ATS – Financial Services The stages of deployment and timelines are based off many years of customer deployment experiences primarily in the EPG segment. As the primary objective of the slide is to drive urgency with TDMs – we have tied in into the CIE/POC process to get customers moving.
  • Notes:Speech:The deployment approach is often one of the most important decisions in the Deployment Solution design. There are several technologies that can be used to make a deployment solution and choosing the right mix of them is considered the deployment Approach. These technologies include:System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 or ConfigMgr for short is part of the System Center family of software that provides operating system deployment along with software distribution technology in conjunction with lifecycle for each of the components.Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 (MDT) - Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 (MDT 2010) provides a common console with the comprehensive tools and guidance needed to efficiently manage deployment of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 is the recommended process and toolset to automate desktop and server deployment. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 provides detailed guidance and job aids for every organizational role involved with large-scale deployment projectsWindows Server 2008 R2 includes various improvements to help deployments.Lite Touch Installation (LTI): LTI primarily involves the use of components and scripts in the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) hosted on a deployment share. A script-based engine is used to run a task sequence to perform the deployment based on profiles stored in the MDT database or customized settings in an INI file. LTI deployments require minimal infrastructure to operate. Operating systems can be deployed over a network using a shared folder or locally using removable storage such as a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive (UFD). The deployment process can be initiated manually or automatically. LTI settings are configured using the MDT Deployment Workbench and further dynamic customization can be made for the specific environment. The configuration settings for each individual computer can be provided manually during the deployment process or via the MDT database. OSD: ConfigMgr innately contains a collection of features for image deployment called Operating System Deployment. These tools can be used without any other products to perform image deployment but are more commonly used in conjunction with MDT in the ZTI approach.WDS - Since Windows Server 2003 up until now with Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Deployment Services (WDS) can be used in a standalone capacity to deploy operating systems and contains new features such as Dynamic Driver Provisioning and Allows machines being deployed through the WDS Client to get only the drivers they need as well as multicast abilities. The WDS scenario is commonly used in conjunction with LTI and ZTI solutions to provide PXE boot but rarely used in standalone mode.Zero Touch Installation (ZTI): ZTI uses desktop components and MDT scripts stored in Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (Configuration Manager) Packages. Configuration Manager ® policy advertises Task Sequences that deploy these packages based on profiles stored in the MDT database. Packages are deployed from Configuration Manager distribution points and thus ZTI deployments require a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (Configuration Manager) infrastructure. The ZTI deployment process is always initiated automatically. In a ZTI deployment, all configuration settings must be provided for each target computer being deployed. By definition, there is no manual configuration in ZTI deployment. As a result, customizing a ZTI deployment usually requires more effort than customizing a, LTI deployment, but can take advantage of greater automation.
  • The Proof of Concept Jumpstart is designed to assist an organization in implementing a Proof of Concept solution for deploying in a test environment to a limited number of clients. The Proof of Concept deploys Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, APP-V, and Internet Explorer (IE) 9 in a test environment and represents the leading desktop technologies, best practices, user testing, and architectures.The Proof of Concept Jumpstart Solution from <Partner Name> consists of a set of repeatable services using a structured delivery framework. These deliverables and activities include:Optimized desktop value overview and review of an economic justification report based on your environment. A series of workshops and demonstrations, including: Solution Definitions workshop covering Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, and Office 2010Application VirtualizationOffice deployment Image deploymentImage creation Application compatibility Environment and hardware assessment of 5 machines, and file remediation on a maximum of 10 documents. Lab set-up, with demonstration of tools, including the following: Microsoft Deployment ToolkitSystem Center Configuration ManagerApplication Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) ToolkitOffice Migration Planning Manager (OMPM)Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT)Generate assessment reports, review, and conduct rationalization for a selection of the applications within the assessed sample. Demonstrate and discuss remediation techniques. Create one image based on feedback collected within the workshops, using Microsoft Office 2010. You will have the option to include an Application Virtualization virtualized Office (pre-sequenced). Demonstrate user-state migration techniques. Deploy the image in the lab environment.Testing demonstrations focusing on validating the image and review of optimized desktop features. IT professional solution overview, including training resources available for optimized desktop features. Engagement closeout and Optimized Desktop proposal.
  • Partner POC (10-days): https://connect.microsoft.com/pocjumpstart Self-service POC: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/ff603537.aspx POC Technical Forum: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itpropoc/threads
  • Flexible Workstyle: le Poste et les modes de travail réconciliés (mobilité, sécurité, gestion, infrastructure et terminaux)

    1. 1. Migrer vers Windows 7 et mettre en oeuvre le Flexible WorkstyleJacques BenassisNational Desktop & Infrastructure LeadSOGETI
    2. 2. Sogeti
    3. 3. Flexible Workstyle Windows - Offre de Services Examine Préparation au nouveau poste de travail Windows Prestations d’aide pour la définition et la validation des stratégies d’évolution du poste de travail • Mission de cadrage – Analyse de l’existant, proposition de scénarios • Application Compatibility Factory – Recense, rationalise et teste les applications • Windows 7 Jumpstart – POC (Proof Of Concept) de justification de scénarios technique et de déploiement Migration vers le nouveau poste de travail Execute Prestations de mise en œuvre et de déploiement du nouveau poste. Démarche industrialisée et automatisée • RADIUM – (Rapid Automated Deployment with Imaging and User Migration) Discover Deploy Méthodologie de projet de migration Build Run • Windows 7 Packaging Factory – Usine de test, remédiation et repackaging d’application • Windows 7 Deployment Factory – Déploiement industrialisé et automatisé du poste de travail
    4. 4. Mythes concernant Windows 7 $ Le coût de la J’aimerais bien migrer, Windows 7 ne présente pas suffisamment de migration vers mais l’environnement différences / Windows 7 est trop économique et des d’améliorations par élevé, d’autant que XP budgets serrés incitent rapport à XP pour continue de répondre à à temporiser justifier la migration nos besoins Le risque S’il s’agissait d’une d’incompatibilité des simple mise à jour vers Windows 8 applications me font Windows 7, je le ferais. Mais tout réinstaller, c’est trop compliqué hésiter à migrer vers Windows 7 tant que les problèmes ne seront 8 arrive, alors je vais attendre pour nous pas résolus
    5. 5. Commentaires du Gartner “La migration vers “De nombreux éditeurs Windows 7 constitue une excellente de logiciels ne prendront opportunité pour plus en charge Windows rationaliser les XP dans les nouvelles applications, ce qui n’a pas été fait dans les versions de leurs entreprises depuis 1998 applications en 2011. Ce ou 1999, lors de la sera encore plus vrai en préparation au passage 2012. „ de l’an 2000. „ - Michael Silver, Gartner (June - Michael Silver, Gartner (Sept 2010) 2011)
    6. 6. Se poser les bonnesquestions… Windows 7 CompatibilitéLe Matériel Le Changement L’ingénierie Logiciel Renouvèlement Inter Explorer Organisation Utilisateurs Technique Processus Contrat Master Infrastructure Déploiement Accompagneme Upgrade Client Lourd Formation Communication Infrastructure Helpdesk MDOP / other 32 / 64 Bits Stratégie Logistique nt Mise ne œuvre BitLocker/ Compatibilité Client Serveur Windows 7 Intranet Exploitation Composants de Qui Cryptage l’infrastructure Office BranchCache / TEST Kit et support Install Bureautiques OEM Quand 2007/2010 WAFS DirectAcess/VP Technique … … pré-Install Comment N Licences Post-Install Avec qui Partenaires / Prestataires
    7. 7. Planning d’une migration type Le temps presse ! Planning de migration des données 789Chronologie estimée pour une organisation comportant 1000 postes
    8. 8. Construire son poste de travail Composants d’un poste de Poste de travail travail en entreprise User Profile Paramètres utilisateur management  Une approche du Applications individuelles Application déploiement par couches Lifecycle Applications basées sur les rôles successives Applications communes Security Configuration de la sécurité  Les composants ont des management cycles de vie distincts Hardware Pilotes en fonction du matériel et du Lifecycle logiciel  Les processus sont davantage automatisés Image du système d’exploitation Image engineering Deployment  Cela réduit le coût total Image de possession 8
    9. 9. Rendre compatible son parcapplicatif 1° analyse 20% Sans 80% Erreur 2° analyse Sans Erreur Remediation 80% 8% Windows 7 Factory Non Compatible 1% Applications non reconduites 7%ACT : Application compatibility Toolkit PilotesAppTitude (Citrix-AppDNA) 4%VIT : Version Impact Testing ™ (Méthodologie SOGETI)http://technet.microsoft.com/fr-fr/windows/bb510132.aspx
    10. 10. Approche du déploiement WDS – Outils de déploiement autonomes sur Windows Server LTI – Utilise MDT comme moteur de déploiement OSD – L’infrastructure standard ConfigMgr ZTI - Combine MDT DB, OSD et WDS pour une solution de déploiement entièrement automatisée
    11. 11. Les POC Jumpstart
    12. 12. Offres Jumpstart en un coupd’œil http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/ff603537.aspx
    13. 13. palais descongrèsParis7, 8 et 9février 2012