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6 Trends from CES Asia 2016 by @hubinstitute

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The Hub Institute, the international digital think tank based in Paris, is bringing to light the main trends from CES Asia 2016.

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6 Trends from CES Asia 2016 by @hubinstitute

  1. 1. TOP 6 TRENDS AT CES ASIA 2016 @ Shanghai 11th, 12th, 13th of May
  2. 2. 
 INTRODUCTION What is CES ASIA ? CES ASIA’s Key figures FrenchTech Power Top 6 trends of CES ASIA 2016
  3. 3. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT3 CES ASIA 2016 The 2nd edition of the Consumer Electronic Show in Shanghai Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM and co-produced by Intex Shanghai, CES Asia is the premier event for the consumer technology industry, showcasing the full breadth and depth of the innovation value-chain in the Asian marketplace. Key global businesses come to this new event to grow and reinforce their brand by showcasing the latest products and technologies to consumer tech industry executives, foreign buyers, international media and a limited number of consumers from China. Attendees have exclusive access to some of the largest brands from China and around the world, while celebrating the innovation that defines the consumer technology sector.
  4. 4. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT4 CES ASIA 2016 - KEY FIGURES A growing event about innovation & technology 4 Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT 375 GLOBAL COMPANIES VS 200 LAST YEAR 16,000 SQUARE METERS About 32,000 ATTENDEES +11% vs last year It may be noted that it still remains a China-Centric event this year but let’s give the time to this young event to amplify in Asia
  5. 5. GARY SHAPIRO President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association, during the show’s welcome address.  “Led by China - with a $266 billion consumer tech market in 2015 that is expected to grow another 3 percent this year - the Asian market is one of the fastest growing markets on the planet, and we’re here to bring the global consumer tech ecosystem together in Asia”
  6. 6. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT6 FRENCH TECH POWER A powerful community in Shanghai 17 French startups at CES ASIA 2016 170 members of the French Tech in Shanghai 450 people connected on the very dynamic WeChat Group
  7. 7. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT7 FRENCH TECH POWER 17 French startups at CES Asia 2016
  8. 8. TOP 6 TRENDS
  9. 9. MOBILITY 
  10. 10. DR. HANNU VERKASALO MOBILE EXPERT « The timing of the Internet growth in China combined with mobile-centric innovations in devices and apps, and the fact that Chinese culture has favored mobile devices as the de facto way to access the Internet there today. »
  11. 11. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT11 MOBILITY IN CHINA China is the world’s largest smartphone market 30% of worldwide smartphones sales 72% of online users own a smartphone 92% of online users own a smartphone (600M people) *iResearch Consulting 
  12. 12. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT12 CONNECTED SHOPPING EXPERIENCE With VirtuaFit, try a whole clothes collection in one minute VirtuaFit technology can be found in a fitting room, a giant screen or a kiosk, in a corner of a shop. The experience: height and weight are automatically detected, customer precises his body morphology, any selected clothes can be purchased at the perfect size, clothes combinaison suggestions are offered, all products can be tried and purchased from a mobile device
  13. 13. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT13 WEARABLES Totwoo, one of the world's leading smart jewelry brand TOTWOO JEWELLRY Totwoo provides "invisible care" that enables its wearer to stay healthy and stay connected with style. By simply tapping or shaking the jewelry, you can receive some notifications, connect with people and express your emotions. For example, it can automatically calculate your daily walk and consumed calories. Once your target is achieved, it will congratulate you.
  14. 14. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT14 WEARABLES Smart shoes LENOVO F2 Lenovo’s smart shoe, appearing in the Intel booth, uses Intel’s Curie module, which incorporates a system on a chip (SoC), sensors, and Bluetooth LE technology. Lenovo demonstrated how a person wearing a pair can control the movement of a videogame character by walking in place or gesturing with their feet. The shoes can also be used to control smart lights.
  15. 15. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT15 GEOFENCING THROUGH WECHAT From Beacon to « Weacon » PHOCEIS Phoceis has deployed since early 2016, more than 1,000 beacons in the two international airports in Shanghai in partnership with JCDecaux . These small wireless tags, connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, are fixed on billboards . Passersby can, through the Chinese app WeChat, connect to the panel with their mobile, to participate in a contest or enjoy a marketing operation.
  16. 16. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT16 GEOFENCING THROUGH WECHAT Vision, a CRM Platform linked with WeChat PHOCEIS Phoceis has also developed Vision, a marketing platform that enables to configure the beacons and campaigns, establishing a link between the digital world and the physical one. Once a customer agreed to receive notifications, you can know when He is instore, what is his profile and purchase history in order to offer him the right offer.
  17. 17. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT17 SMART HOME Niu the button that makes your home smart NIU BY NODON NIU by Nodon is a smartphone Bluetooth connected button. It facilitates interaction through a simple interface between users and applications to optimize the use of the connected home. It is possible to customize and imagine multitude of interactions between the button and applications. NIU is also compatible with IFTTT so it works with devices like Nest , Philips HUE ,
  18. 18. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT18 SMART HOME Heatzy, connecting your radiator from your smartphone HEATZY Heatzy is a simple solution that immediately makes your radiators become smart. You can connect them and control them easily from your smartphone. Take control of the temperature of your home wherever you are. Save money by optimizing your energy consumption.
  19. 19. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT19 NEW SENSORS CAPACITIES Curie sensor technology will change sports  INTEL & SPORTS The snowboarders can now attach a little box on the top of their snowboards. It will have an Intel Curie module with GPS, accelerometers, and other sensors. It lets TV viewers see real-time motion data such as speed, G forces on landing, number of spins, speed, and the height of jumps.  Snowboarders will be able to view the statistics on their smartphones after completing a run.
  20. 20. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT20 THE FUTURE OF IoT WILL BE… With IPV6 standard NORDIC According to Nordic, IPV6 adoption is a matter of time. IPv6 offers a highly scalable address scheme. The primary function of IPv6 is to allow for more unique TCP/IP address identifiers to be created. Furthermore it can support all technologies (Wifi, bluetooth..). It is why IPv6 is such an important innovation for the Internet of Things (IoT). 
  22. 22. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT22 AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) + VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) = MEDIATED REALITY THE MEDIATED REALITY BY VISIONERTECH What is Mediated Reality ? According to Visionertech, the Mediated Reality is a combinaison between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Thanks to a camera that can be activated during the experience you integrate reality into the virtual world. AR VR MR
  23. 23. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT23 AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) + VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) Welcome to the virtual world with your hands
  24. 24. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT24 MORE & MORE SOPHISTICATED VR VIRTUAL REALITY + AI by Isobar (Dentsu Aegis Network) BVRAIN BY ISOBAR BVRAIN are the world’s first VR goggles that customises games based on human brain activities. After a short scanning process, users are able to see a real-time abstraction of their brain in compelling and interactive 3D visuals. The system outputs emotional values based on the user’s brain activity. These values are also mapped onto the corresponding areas of the brain. Brain adaptive games and content. In a coin collecting VR game, users are able to see obstacles based on their brain activity.
  25. 25. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT25 MORE & MORE SOPHISTICATED VR When VR uses 4K PIMAX 4K VR Pimax is equipped with 4K VR resolution, a double gyroscope, view Angle 1 delay control in 18ms, 10 degrees,  53mm double aspherical lenses, 220g weight.
  26. 26. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT26 VIRTUAL REALITY Domino, a successful French gaming VR experience VIRTUOS Virtuos is the genius of the French 3D "made in China". Virtuos shows off Domino, the VR game that enables gamers to walk in a virtual world and create dominos constructions by placing them manually. The player is immersed in a very creative world. The game content will be generated by users and be shareable on social networks.
  27. 27. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT27 AUGMENTED REALITY Google’s Glass goes industrial TOP SMART Jor Jin presented its smart glasses and headgear designed for industrial applications, such as police, military, manufacturing and even medecine. In addition to a camera and optical display, they can feature touch control, night vision and a distance sensor that automatically turns the device on when worn.
  28. 28. ROBOTS &AI3
  29. 29. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT29 ROBOTS & AI Cowa Robot: the world’s first robotic suitcase COWA ROBOT This travel luggage automatically follows after you, via a Cowa Robot tracking bracelet that you wear. It auto-locks via the wristband tracker, there's a warning alarm if you wander more than 1.5m apart and it can track and find you within 50m if the both of you get separated. Available in June for US$650 in China
  30. 30. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT30 ROBOTS & AI PLEN2, one of the first printable open-source humanoid PLEN2 PLEN2 is a robot kit consisting control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself. You do not need any technical knowledge and special tools. What you need to build this robot is just a screwdriver.
  31. 31. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT31 ROBOTS & AI The robot that serves you an americano coffee BUBBLE LAB A fully functional barman who knows where everything is, and picks depending on what the customer asks. And after finishing even clean the table the robot detects various splashes, taking a sponge, and dry until everything is spotless
  32. 32. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT32 ROBOTS & AI iPal have been designed to educate Chinese children AVATAR’s MIND iPal has been designed to be a companion robot for Chinese children 4 to 8 years , most of which are unique children. It is shaped like a child and moves like a child. A tablet is in its chest runs Android applications, enables video chatting, etc. Via numerous application iPal is presented as a new teacher for kids.
  33. 33. DRONES4
  34. 34. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT34 DRONES Drones are becoming more than photography… a new way of interaction PRODRONE BYRD Thanks to its multipe screen sharing design, PRoDrone Byrd enables new interactions and can be folded to get as compact as a book.
  35. 35. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT35 DRONES Realsense technologies to collect data YUNEEK TYPHON H By camera, ultrasonic sensor to collect the environment data and then through  Intel CPU real-time processing, it makes RC drone sense the surrounding environment to make independent judgment. It can be flexibly through the woods, and follow the cycling sports.
  36. 36. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT36 DRONES Smaller and smaller? MOTA  JETJAT NANO It’s only as small as a paper clip. No GPS synchronization, no Wifi, no app. It has throttle valve to control the flight height, two joysticks to control turning and… that’s all.
  37. 37. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT37 DRONES Social sharing, self-flying drone SKYE ORBIT With GPS, computer vision, and SGIT tracking technologies working together seamlessly and complementary, Orbit has a very precise tracking system. A perfect outdoor companion to capture your best moments. You can even share the videos and photos to network easily and instantly via Skye app.
  38. 38. 3D PRINTING5
  39. 39. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT39 3D PRINTING WAS A BUZZWORD AT CES ASIA Every shape, every size, From printing food to objects
  40. 40. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT40 3D PRINTING Will our children learn how to 3D write with a 3D pen ? LENGYO The 3D printer pen enables to draw three-dimensional pictures.
  42. 42. SHAWN DUBRAVAC Chief economist of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) « Autonomous vehicles will continue to be a key area of innovation and growth, with further digitization of the automotive environment and full customization of vehicles »
  43. 43. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT43 HIGH-TECH CARS The Autonomous & ultra connected car of BMW without doors nor roof BMW i8 The i8 concept allows the driver to switch between hands-off and hands-on modes. its connected car offering, Connect Drive, its goal is to have 100 per cent of its vehicles across all product categories on the system. The solution is powered by its Open Mobility Cloud, which links to numerous data souces for weather and traffic conditions. It is designed to make life easier for customers by learning users’ personal habits and preferences to optimise travel as well as plan trips

  44. 44. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT44 HIGH-TECH CARS The transformer concept car MERCEDES- BENZ CONCEPT IAA The Mercedes Benz Concept Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile is a transformer : 2 cars in one. When you touch a button or get to 80 km/h, IAA transforms its forms for streamlined aerodynamics.
  45. 45. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT45 HIGH-TECH CARS The future of taxi cars ? CHEVROL ET FNR Designed in Shanghai, the Chevrolet FNR model comes from Transformers movie. It is an electric and self driving car with front seats that can swivel 180%.
  46. 46. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT46 CONNECTED CARS Collecting Data to improve driving experience CAR EASY APPS Car Easy apps give developers an opportunity to access a lot of vehicle data to promote the development of new services for connected vehicles. It is an API that can be used to create interactive services between different smartphone brands and vehicles
  47. 47. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT47 CONNECTED TRANSPORTS Elwing, the world lightest electric skateboard ELWING Founded in Shanghai by two French sliding lovers, the project started with the idea to revolutionize urban transport in Shanghai by combining snow sports and vehicles light electric .
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  49. 49. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT49 EXECUTIVE EXPEDITION AT THE FOREFRONT OF INNOVATION Discover the best of the latest trends & Meet the most innovative companies READ MORE
  50. 50. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT50 DISCOVER OUR TRENDS REPORTS READ MORE
  51. 51. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT51 MBA Digital Marketing & Business in Shanghai Launched by EFAP & ESSCA with HUB Institute Contact : Vincent Montet MBA Director vincent.montet@hubinstitute.com
  52. 52. Trends Analysis of CES ASIA 2016 in ShanghaiHUB REPORT52 THE HUB INSTITUTE TEAM @ CES ASIA 2016 Let’s keep in touch 52 VINCENT DUCREY CO-FOUNDER EMMANUEL VIVIER CO-FOUNDER @vincent_ducrey @emmanuelvivier PERLE BAGOT ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR perle.bagot@hubinstitute.com CHARLOTTE DAUCHEZ CONTENT MANAGER charlotte.dauchez@hubinstitute.com ROMAIN DUSSART DIGITAL CONSULTANT romain.dussart@hubinstitute.com WWW.HUBINSTITUTE. COM /HUBINSTITUTE @HUBINSTITUTE