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The Era of Engagement Marketing

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    As people show up to the meeting and wait for their colleagues, use this as an opportunity to get to know the team that’s on as people
    If someone joins you weren’t expecting, ask them what they do at their company and if they are familiar with Marketo.
    NOTE: You should have glanced at LinkedIn/Twitter for all people that have confirmed acceptance of this meeting prior
    PRESENTER EDIT: Update customer logo
  • Just like sales has their CRM application and Finance has their ERP application, Marketo is the digital platform for marketers to run their function.

    Our core brand promise is “Marketing First”- we focus everything we do, all of our resources and all of our energy on innovating for marketers and providing expertise to help them succeed. We wake up every morning with a primary goal of helping marketers master the art and science of digital marketing. This focus has given us the ability to create the most innovative digital marketing platform. The platform provides all the capabilities that marketers need to build personalized and long-term relationships with their customers.

    We are the fastest growing publically traded marketing company with 3800 + customers, across 20 + industries in over 39 countries.

    Over the last 8 years we’ve processed more than a billion leads and we’ve processed more than 220 billion activities for these customers

    And, we’ve been recognized for our customer satisfaction and customer success by some of the largest analyst firms including Gartner and Forrester.
  • Now before I get into our solution, I’d like to take a step back and say that every company’s marketers regardless of whether it’s B2C or B2b, small or large, have the same question: How do I acquire new customers faster? How do I grow their lifetime value? And, how do I convert as many of them as possible to become advocates? How do I build brand advocates who in turn can influence new prospects? In other words, create this virtuous cycle of customer success.
  • But, today’s mobile, social, digital world has made this really hard to create this virtuous cycle of customer success.

    First of all, your buyers are more empowered than ever before. They have 2900 messages per day that are vying for their attention so there is are lots of places that they can get information. And armed with this info, they are forming opinions and drawing conclusions well before they choose to interact with your brand. In fact if you look at some data points, from folks like Forrester, they say that anywhere from 66-90% of a buyers journey is self-directed before they interact with you. When they are interacting with your brand, at every stage of interaction, 87% percent of them demand something that is a meaningful, contextual, relevant experience (based on a recent report from Edelman).

    Given that there is lots of noise, the customer is self-directing their journey and the customer wants a personal interaction at every point of their journey, it’s now up to marketing, more than any other business function, to become the steward of the customer journey. In the past, sales was empowered and customer service interacted with the customers a lot, but given these trends, marketing is taking the lead, building a bond with customers and becoming the steward of the customer journey.
  • The sales person is no longer the main source of information, simply telling the story is not enough…
    - ventes transactionnelles: B2C
    - ventes consultatives: B2B/B2C
    - ventes complexes: B2B
  • Exactly, with access to so much information, buyers are doing a lot of research on their own before making a purchase. In fact, they’re usually 70% of the way through the buying process before they’re ready, or willing, to talk to a sales person or place an order.

  • Our competitors will tell you it is all about mapping a customer journey, but in this world, where the customer is in charge, we can’t map a journey.

    All this talk of journeys, technologists taking this all to literally
    Try to convince you to take it too literally
    Visio diagram
    Product on the market actually called Journey Builder
    <CLICK> But there’s a problem with this
    As journeys go on, these diagrams get more complex as marketer tries to capture decisions a customer might make
    Not just a problem, this is dead wrong
    <CLICK>To customers define
  • If we can’t control the customer journey, we need to listen and respond.

    Very simple answer – stop spending so much time charting, spend more time listening
    2 ears, 1 mouth
    Truism of building relationships
    As much about listening to the other person as talking about yourself
    Listen to what customers are saying and understand the journey they are on
    Only if we can listen and understand are we able to continue the conversation in a positive way
    <CLICK>To good news
  • Very quickly let me explain engagement marketing in a little more detail
    Think about this beach – we all want to be there
    Each have different point of view
    Viking river cruises example

    3 stories
    This is possible today with engagement marketing technology
    <CLICK>To cadence

  • Need to make content and experiences meaningful to different people.

    Not just about what we say, but how and when we say it
    About individual basis with customers
    <CLICK> To journeys
  • Now that we’ve illustrated some of the benefits of Engagement Marketing, lets address the question
  • There are three main areas that make Marketo unique and I am going to first introduce them and then double-click on each of these to provide more context.

    First, our core brand promise is “Marketing First”- we focus everything we do, all of our resources and all of our energy on innovating for marketers and providing expertise to help them succeed. Our competition does not have this maniacal focus on the success of marketers.

    This focus has given us the ability to create the most innovative digital marketing platform for marketers. The platform provides all the components that marketers need to build personalized and long-term relationships with their customers.

    Second, we have the most complete ecosystem of marketing partners called LaunchPoint. No one solution can meet every marketer’s needs, we have a comprehensive ecosystem of 400+ Launchpoint solutions to ensure that the best in breed marketing technologies integrate into our platform, providing marketers the complete solution for all their needs.

    Third, the magic behind our platform is the Marketing Nation – a unique force of 50,000 marketers that share ideas, expertise and best practices. This has not only helped our customers learn, share and grow with each other but also driven more innovation to our platform. We’ve also built a world-class global services team as a partner for your long-term success.

    Let me explain each of the three areas a little further…
  • Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform enables you to engage customers across channels in four main ways:

    Attract customers – helping you to drive awareness with the right people
    Generate awareness and ensure potential customers can find you
    Engage them continuously over time across channels
    We call this the “ABCs of engagement marketing”. Engaging people as:
    As individuals
    Based on what they do – their behaviors
    Continuously over time – no one got married on the first date
    Directed towards an outcome – what do you want your buyer to do? Buy something? Advocate on your behalf?
    Everywhere they are

    Measure & maximize revenue
    Measure the impact of marketing investments across channels and showcase marketing’s impact on revenue

    Plan & coordinate – marketing is a team sport and the ability to drive alignment is imperative to success
    Manage the marketing activities across your teams in different functions, regions or divisions

    And the EMP provides game-changing capabilities in each of the four areas for marketers to succeed:

    Web / Mobile personalization, SEO and Social Marketing to generate awareness and engage with both anonymous and known buyers
    Core Marketing Automation functionality to engage prospects and customers in a lifelong and personal way: lead nurturing, lead scoring and sales insights
    Revenue Cycle Analytics for measuring and maximizing marketing’s impact on revenue
    Marketing Calendar to plan, coordinate and execute marketing campaigns across teams
  • Grow:
    Activating customers, maximizing customer lifetime value, creating more advocates
    Get a clear picture of each customer
    Build trust, loyalty and advocacy with only relevant content showing that you understand them

    “While we’re engaging with consumers, we’re continuing to learn more about them.  Which messages resonate with them?  Are they opening your emails?  Are they coming to your website?  Are they tapping push notifications?  All of this data comes together to provide the clearest picture of your consumer – which you can use to grow your relationship with them, whether that means buying more or advocating to their friends.”